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2019 Update on SCI Server move and New Hosting Company.

Published: October 13, 2019

Updated November 19th 2019.

Please read article for latest news, we are slowly getting the new Server configured.

Progress on our move to a new Server. We are finally getting moved from our old hosting Company. This process is taking a lot longer than we expected due in part to the amount of data to be moved. We hope to be live and operating again later this week.

We will then start to rebuild features that has made SCI a place to go to to find out about Slot Car Racing. As always our focus will be the North American market as we are based here and in the changing world of retail we are aiming to become the main source for sales on the Brands we Import, Distribute and Manufacture.

Slot Car Illustrated rebuild and problems with log in.

Published: March 14, 2019

As we continue the rebuild of SCI, some known issues we are working on, and how to see the New Forum. Please check the link to expand this article we are working on the Site to add more features daily. Do not try to log in here this Front Page is not linked to the New Forum. Either see the rest of this article or click here to go to the New Forum on SCI 


News from the UK Slotcar Festival

Published: May 19, 2018 | Views: 2797
Under the cover of the Media Blitz surrounding the Royal Wedding our Roving Reporter popped over to the UK to see what was on show at the Slot Car Festival.

Scalextric Booth

Latest News & Articles

Super Tires fitment chart


   "Tear up the competition not your tires" 











Super Wheel Z-II        Super Wheel SS     Super Wheel DF


1/43, 1/32 & 1/24 Scale Super Tires & Wheels
Part Numbers and Tire Specifications Listed Below


Super Wheels I & 2 - Delrin (Plastic) & Aluminum
(Fits most 1/32 scale slot cars)
Part #

Outer Diameter



SW-1W0.610"     15.49mm0.416"     10.57mm Super Wheel 1     Single flanged (white) Press-on
SW-1B0.610"     15.49mm0.416"     10.57mm Super Wheel 1     Single flanged (black) Press-on
SW-Z II0.610"     15.49mm0.432"     10.97mm

Super Wheel 2    

Double flanged (black) Press on
SW-DF0.610"     15.49mm0.432"     10.97mm

  Super Wheel DF

Double Flanged Aluminum Set Screw Wheel Fits 3/32 Slot It Axle
The four wheels listed above fit the Super Tires ST1A thru ST6A, both in silicone and (YD) urethane.
SW-1508       0.591"       15mm      0.315"         8mmSuper Wheel SSAluminum Set Screw Wheel Fits 3/32 Slot It Axle
The SW-1508 fits the Super Tires 1400R, 1401R, 1402R, 1403R, 1404R & 1405R. All final ODs listed below.
SW-1710       0.669"       17mm      0.394"       10mmSuper Wheel SSAluminum Set Screw Wheel Fits 3/32 Slot It Axle
The SW-1710 fits the Super Tires 1407R, 1408R, 1409R & 1410R. All final ODs listed below.

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2013 Auto World Racing Rigs Release 7 - Car and Hauler Combo Packs

Auto World Racing Rigs Release 7 - Car and Hauler Combo Packs

Petty Package 

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Building the Scaleauto 1/24 BMW Z4 White Kit SC-7031 Conclusion

Building the Scaleauto 1/24 BMW Z4 White kit SC - 7031 - conclusion

Finally got around to finishing off the decals and getting this one ready for the track.





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LeMay Event announcement.

For immediate release – Contact:  slotcarevent@lemaymuseum.org

America’s Car Museum Presents the ACM Miniature TransAm Challenge,

 October 18-19, 2013

A race event for 1/32 scale slot car racing models of classic TransAm cars, 1966-1972

America's Car Museum, also known as the LeMay Museum, announced today that it will hold a race for 1/32 scale classic TransAm slot cars on October 18-19, 2013.  This will be the first in what is intended to become a series of slot car racing events that will cover a wide variety of slot cars modeling all the famous types and eras of life-sized automobile racing.  Jeffery Keys, ACM's Guest Services Manager, says, "We're excited about having slot car racing events here at the museum.  They represent a unique opportunity to recreate auto racing history in miniature and to pay homage to great cars and drivers past and present while providing a lot of fun for participants and spectators alike."The October event, to be called the ACM Miniature TransAm Challenge, will be run on two Scalextric Sport 4-lane slot car tracks to be set up for the event in an area adjacent to the museum's Fun Zone, where the museum's highly detailed Slotmods slot car track and its racing simulators are located.  The tracks will be controlled as one 8-lane track by an electronic timing and scoring system and each driver and car will race on each of the 8 lanes of the two tracks.There will be two racing classes, Stock and Modified, providing two levels of challenge for slot car racers of all skill and experience levels.  The rules have been carefully crafted to offer plenty of scope for creativity and ingenuity while keeping the cost of competing well within the reach of all who are interested in entering.Both in-person and mail-in entries will be accepted.  A local slot racing club has agreed to manage all the proxy entries from their arrival through the event until their return to their owners.

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Images of the next releases from Arrow.

Just received a few images from Arrow for their next 2 1:32 scale cars.

Ref.: AR-1001D
S7-R LeMans 2010 num.50

Arrow Saleen S7-R

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Building 1/24 Scaleauto BMW Z4 White kit SC - 7031 - Part 2

Building the Scaleauto 1/24 BMW Z4 White kit SC - 7031 - part 2

Second part of building this new kit. Have reached the point where we are ready for decals. This update is the journey to this point.


Z4 046.JPG

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Building the Scaleauto 1/24th BMW Z4 White Kit SC - 7031

Building theScaleauto 1/24 BMW Z4 White kit SC - 7031





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Building the Scaleauto 1/24 Audi R8LMS GT3 White Kit - SC7044 (Conclusion)

Building the Scaleauto 1/24 Audi R8LMS GT3 White Kit – SC7044 (Conclusion)

Time to get some decals on the body and finish this project off

Painted body of AudiR8 LMS Gt3

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