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2018 Dallara IndyCar Design...
Posted by Slotbob

Anyone in Chelan, WA?
Posted by MrFlippant

OT: Nobody at the Brickyard 400?
Posted by Slotbob

Wall Material
Posted by Ntxslotcars

Permanent track table top: paint or felt
Posted by Ntxslotcars

Chaparral 2E resto
Posted by Speedhoppy

New Member from VA
Posted by DRW-FJ40

New Chassis from JAG Hobbies
Posted by galerdude

Looking for some advice on layout
Posted by b.yingling

FREE Marchon Track
Posted by Z28Racing

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BRM NSU Mini Cars

Published: May 30, 2017

BRM NSU Mini Cars 1:24 scale cars that run on 1:32 scale track.

BRM NSU Mini cars

New McLarens coming soon from BRM

Published: December 14, 2016 By Scaleracing | Views: 2477

New releases coming soon from BRM

Click on image for more information.

SCI Membership backlog

Published: December 12, 2016
SCI in transition due to Ddos attacks since Summer

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Scalextric Speedway set

speedway When Scalextric recently dropped their prices on sets and cars, I was hoping to find a few things I had perhaps missed out on in the past. Sure enough, some older NASCAR sets dropped dramatically in price and I could not pass on them this time around. I chose the Scalextric NASCAR Speedway set #C1041T. Not only does this set give you plenty of track if your looking to expand your existing layout, but it includes some of the finest running model cars you can buy with the 1999 NASCARS.


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Mercedes CLK DTM

dtm The Ninco Mercedes DTM is, much like many of the new Ninco's, a very fine looking car right out of the box. The finish is very shiny and free of any dust or imperfections. The tampo printed markings are as sharp as they come. The silver, black and white scheme is really eye catching. Other exterior details include a windshield wiper, fairly sturdy mirrors, and a quite delicate Mercedes hood ornament.


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Trans Am 1969 Chevy Camaro Sport Edition

scalextric chevy sport camaro slot car reviewThe #9 Camaro driven by Ronnie Buckman saw two victories that season, certainly no slouch when it comes to racing. Scalextric made no mistake in picking Ronnie's car for the match to Mark Donohue's Camaro.

The Scalextric Sport Camaro is a great companion to the impressive Trans Am Mustang released just over a month ago. The Sport version comes in an impressive display box with flip up top. Some prefer the clear plastic box, but it is my opinion that this car will spend far too much time on the track to warrant being put back in the box.
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Austin Healey Mk III

ninco austin healey mkIII review Spanish slot maker Ninco has found a unique niche in the diverse market of 1/32 scale cars. Their "Classic" series includes an assortment of timeless sports cars including the Shelby Cobra, Porsche 356, Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa and Jaguar XK-120. Packed with relatively powerful motors, narrow wheels, tall tires and the curving bodywork of these historic road cars, the Ninco Classic series is the exact opposite of today's super stuck down magnet cars. Like their prototypes, as well as the slot cars of yore, these cars have to be driven around the track - rewarding an experienced and gentle finger on the throttle, wise use of brakes and the traditional sports car concept of "slow in, fast out" for corners.
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Porsche 917/10k

917/10 Hurley Haywood, driver of the #59 Porsche 917/10 stated "It was a car for wild men and crazy boys, and I was just that guy." The car he spoke of boasted 1100+ horse power from it's 5.0 liter twin turbo engine. At top speed it could cruise along at over 200 miles per hour. Haywood finished third in the 1973 series.

FLY's introduction of the Haywood Porsche has been eagerly awaited. The preview pictures we saw showed what appeared to be the coolest new release FLY has offered in a long time. This was sure to be a hit.
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Williams F1 2001

SCX Williams F1 slot car review The new Williams F1 is the latest offering in the F1 field from Scalextric Technitoys Spain (SCX). Officially licensed from Williams the model pictured represents the car driven by Ralf Schumacher during last years 2001 season.

First impressions are good. The new car comes in the now usual large display box, which presents the model on a racing track with pit crew mechanics in the background.

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Building a Ferrari 250LM

how to build a ferrari 250lm slot car from a kit One thing I really think is great about slot cars is that, if you want to, you can buy or build a car that not only looks great on a shelf, but also can run and be enjoyed as the real car could be enjoyed. With this in mind, I also like to build/own slot cars as the originals were produced. In other words, a Cobra should be front engine, rear drive, Formula 1 cars, mid engine rear drive, etc.
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Johnny Lightning's Thunderjet 500 slot cars

johnny lightningPlaying Mantis, under the brand of Johnny Lightning, has been producing quality diecast for years. Known for their all metal construction, and multi-piece, often rubber tires, Johnny Lightning diecast is preferred by collectors as being the benchmark of quality small scale diecast. Within the last couple years, Playing Mantis released a line of pull-back cars with replica bodies of Thunder Jet and ThunderJet 500 slot cars. Questions started flying about whether Playing Mantis would introduce it's own line of slot cars.
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The 12 Hours of Tacoma 2017
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Suggestions for next hot scaly cars if anyone from company cares
Posted by DVD3500

Unser Torino pix
Posted by B52RN

Celebrating 22 Years With You!
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Photobucket Apocalypse
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