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2018 Dallara IndyCar Design...
Posted by Slotbob

Anyone in Chelan, WA?
Posted by MrFlippant

OT: Nobody at the Brickyard 400?
Posted by Slotbob

Wall Material
Posted by Ntxslotcars

Permanent track table top: paint or felt
Posted by Ntxslotcars

Chaparral 2E resto
Posted by Speedhoppy

New Member from VA
Posted by DRW-FJ40

New Chassis from JAG Hobbies
Posted by galerdude

Looking for some advice on layout
Posted by b.yingling

FREE Marchon Track
Posted by Z28Racing

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BRM NSU Mini Cars

Published: May 30, 2017

BRM NSU Mini Cars 1:24 scale cars that run on 1:32 scale track.

BRM NSU Mini cars

New McLarens coming soon from BRM

Published: December 14, 2016 By Scaleracing | Views: 2477

New releases coming soon from BRM

Click on image for more information.

SCI Membership backlog

Published: December 12, 2016
SCI in transition due to Ddos attacks since Summer

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Bentley EXP Speed 8

speed8 Cranking 600+ horsepower from a 3.6 liter engine is no small task, and to represent that in scale is not easy either. Carrera's anxiously awaited release of the 3rd place finisher of the 2001 Le Mans is finally here.

The car is most certainly an eye catcher. The metallic green is unusual, yet quite appealing on this type of car. The color is molded, not painted into the body, and there are some slight swirls in the body molding, but not noticeable from any distance at all.
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Scalextric Sport Track System

sport review Scalextric's announcement of the their new Sport Track system has had quite a few enthusiasts on the edge of their seat, anxiously awaiting its arrival. Promises of a better track system for the model car racer is no small order, but Scalextric is used to bringing us quality, and they have achieved that goal once more.

This track is quite an improvement over the classic track, not only in the track itself, but added features as well.
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Detailing the Ninco Jaguar XK120

Detailing the Ninco Jaguar XK120 I recently purchased a pair of Ninco "Classic" cars an XK-120 and a Ferrari Barchetta. The cars are a lot of fun to drive, they drift quite nicely and are quite robust. Body detail is quite good out of the box, but the drivers, well, they looked like they were waiting for a red light to turn green. These cars in reality were "arms and elbows" to drive. Big steering wheels were there for leverage as well as looks, so I wanted to have not only better-looking drivers, but also ones that were more animated in their position behind the wheel.
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Carrera LeMans Race Set

carrera lemans Everything has to start somewhere. With slot cars, it's most often a small set, often the least expensive in the line, or close to it. Many manufacturers offer starter sets, most are the best value for your money to get the ball rolling. They come with controllers, powerpack, track, and two cars, together worth far more than the cost of the set.


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Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga

fly Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga In the ever-growing list of Fly cars, add one more to their line-up: The 512 S Coda Lunga, or "Longtail" has finally arrived, much to the pleasure of many enthusiasts. However, aside from the new body style, this car is standard FLY, with little chassis change and sadly plagued with the problems of its predecessors.


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Life-Like Super Stock Four Lane Raceway

lifelike Like a lot of you, my childhood included setting up my HO scale AFX set, and piloting my favorite car around my modest layout for hours. Having a track taking up ¾ of our living room was no strange site at all, and somewhere in that time, my passion for the hobby was born.


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Chaparral 2

mrrc Chaparral 2 With nice sticky tires and a healthy size magnet buried inside the chassis, the MRRC Chappy is a blast to drive. On my 45' Scalextric track it runs even with the new Scaley 911GT3's - turning lap times in the mid-5 second range. There are two positions for the magnet. You can move it to the rear for a more stuck-down car, or shift the magnet forward to give the car a more tail-happy feel. I actually found it more enjoyable to leave the magnets in the back.
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Tomy/AFX International Race Set

tomy/afxGrowing up in the '70's, my slot car experiences surrounded HO racing, with AFX cars on AFX track. I'd race the foam tires off my cars, and rearranged tracks until all but a few of the track tabs were broken off. Then somewhere along the line, the track and cars got boxed up and put away, and probably sold off at a yard sale or put in the garbage with other unused toys.


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Latest News in the Forum
Posted by Impulse-ive

The 12 Hours of Tacoma 2017
Posted by cartnick

Suggestions for next hot scaly cars if anyone from company cares
Posted by DVD3500

Unser Torino pix
Posted by B52RN

Celebrating 22 Years With You!
Posted by Super Tires

Photobucket Apocalypse
Posted by DVD3500

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We are looking for your favorite tracks to be included in SCI's Track Directory!!! All fifty states are listed alphabetically and of course Canada is included as well. Although SCI's focus is mainly North America We would like for you to add your favorite race tracks to our list no matter where it is. If you don't see a place to add your track scroll to the bottom, start a new thread and we will add a section for it.

This Directory is for Commercial Raceways, Stores with Tracks, Club tracks and also Private tracks looking for Racers.