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2019 Update on SCI Server move and New Hosting Company.

Published: October 13, 2019

Updated November 19th 2019.

Please read article for latest news, we are slowly getting the new Server configured.

Progress on our move to a new Server. We are finally getting moved from our old hosting Company. This process is taking a lot longer than we expected due in part to the amount of data to be moved. We hope to be live and operating again later this week.

We will then start to rebuild features that has made SCI a place to go to to find out about Slot Car Racing. As always our focus will be the North American market as we are based here and in the changing world of retail we are aiming to become the main source for sales on the Brands we Import, Distribute and Manufacture.

Slot Car Illustrated rebuild and problems with log in.

Published: March 14, 2019

As we continue the rebuild of SCI, some known issues we are working on, and how to see the New Forum. Please check the link to expand this article we are working on the Site to add more features daily. Do not try to log in here this Front Page is not linked to the New Forum. Either see the rest of this article or click here to go to the New Forum on SCI 


News from the UK Slotcar Festival

Published: May 19, 2018 | Views: 3119
Under the cover of the Media Blitz surrounding the Royal Wedding our Roving Reporter popped over to the UK to see what was on show at the Slot Car Festival.

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Latest News & Articles

Porsche GT1 Racing Version

fly racing gt1 On the heels of Scalextrics' recent Sport release comes Fly Car Model and their foray into what they consider to be "serious" 1/32nd scale racing, answering possibly the age old question: "Are they meant to be raced?" Running under the FLY RACING label comes a car boasting a list of improvements for the racing enthusiast, but does it come through as promised?


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Panoz LMP

Fly Panoz lmp The Panoz LMP has been out for quite a long time, and continues to remain quite striking in its awkward appearance. When I first saw this car on the shelf I thought it was ugly, but I quickly began to like the car so I decided to buy the Panoz LMP. I put that car in my "die-cast" room on display for about a year, then one day I decided to run the car and it turned out to be a great car.
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Porsche 9717K Chequered Flag

Fly Porsche 9717K Chequered Flag Producing a model that represents a car in less than pristine condition is nothing new. Diecast companies have been doing it for years. The trend in slot cars in recent years has been to keep the cars as nice as possible, maybe even going so far as to not even run them, lifting them to the level of collectible, never to see the track.


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Lancia Beta Monte Carlo

Lancia Beta Monte Carlo The Lancia Beta Monte Carlo from the GB Track division of Fly has been out for a while, and these cars have become very popular. They add even more racing choices for your Classic DRM battles, and now Fly has released a lighted version to run those long endures right in your own home. The livery chosen here is quite striking. The light blue mixed with the Fruit of the Loom logos really sets this car apart from the others, and I find this to be the most attractive Lancia yet.
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Strombecker Ferrari 365P2

EJ Hobbies Strombecker Ferrari 365P2 How much would you spend on a vintage slot car kit? $200? $500? $1,000? Once you got it, would you build it? Or would you put it on display and wonder what it would be like to assemble, then race it? What if I told you that you could get a vintage quality kit for under $60? E.J.'s Hobbies of Grand Rapids, Michigan has produced a quality 1:32 scale kit, complete with an original Strombecker Ferrari 365P2 body. Though the running gear is not vintage Strombecker, the technology is old school.
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Bentley EXP Speed 8

speed8 Cranking 600+ horsepower from a 3.6 liter engine is no small task, and to represent that in scale is not easy either. Carrera's anxiously awaited release of the 3rd place finisher of the 2001 Le Mans is finally here.

The car is most certainly an eye catcher. The metallic green is unusual, yet quite appealing on this type of car. The color is molded, not painted into the body, and there are some slight swirls in the body molding, but not noticeable from any distance at all.
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Scalextric Sport Track System

sport review Scalextric's announcement of the their new Sport Track system has had quite a few enthusiasts on the edge of their seat, anxiously awaiting its arrival. Promises of a better track system for the model car racer is no small order, but Scalextric is used to bringing us quality, and they have achieved that goal once more.

This track is quite an improvement over the classic track, not only in the track itself, but added features as well.
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Detailing the Ninco Jaguar XK120

Detailing the Ninco Jaguar XK120 I recently purchased a pair of Ninco "Classic" cars an XK-120 and a Ferrari Barchetta. The cars are a lot of fun to drive, they drift quite nicely and are quite robust. Body detail is quite good out of the box, but the drivers, well, they looked like they were waiting for a red light to turn green. These cars in reality were "arms and elbows" to drive. Big steering wheels were there for leverage as well as looks, so I wanted to have not only better-looking drivers, but also ones that were more animated in their position behind the wheel.
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