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2019 Update on SCI Server move and New Hosting Company.

Published: October 13, 2019

Updated November 19th 2019.

Please read article for latest news, we are slowly getting the new Server configured.

Progress on our move to a new Server. We are finally getting moved from our old hosting Company. This process is taking a lot longer than we expected due in part to the amount of data to be moved. We hope to be live and operating again later this week.

We will then start to rebuild features that has made SCI a place to go to to find out about Slot Car Racing. As always our focus will be the North American market as we are based here and in the changing world of retail we are aiming to become the main source for sales on the Brands we Import, Distribute and Manufacture.

Slot Car Illustrated rebuild and problems with log in.

Published: March 14, 2019

As we continue the rebuild of SCI, some known issues we are working on, and how to see the New Forum. Please check the link to expand this article we are working on the Site to add more features daily. Do not try to log in here this Front Page is not linked to the New Forum. Either see the rest of this article or click here to go to the New Forum on SCI 


News from the UK Slotcar Festival

Published: May 19, 2018 | Views: 3114
Under the cover of the Media Blitz surrounding the Royal Wedding our Roving Reporter popped over to the UK to see what was on show at the Slot Car Festival.

Scalextric Booth

Latest News & Articles

Carrera LeMans Race Set

carrera lemans Everything has to start somewhere. With slot cars, it's most often a small set, often the least expensive in the line, or close to it. Many manufacturers offer starter sets, most are the best value for your money to get the ball rolling. They come with controllers, powerpack, track, and two cars, together worth far more than the cost of the set.


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Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga

fly Ferrari 512S Coda Lunga In the ever-growing list of Fly cars, add one more to their line-up: The 512 S Coda Lunga, or "Longtail" has finally arrived, much to the pleasure of many enthusiasts. However, aside from the new body style, this car is standard FLY, with little chassis change and sadly plagued with the problems of its predecessors.


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Life-Like Super Stock Four Lane Raceway

lifelike Like a lot of you, my childhood included setting up my HO scale AFX set, and piloting my favorite car around my modest layout for hours. Having a track taking up ¾ of our living room was no strange site at all, and somewhere in that time, my passion for the hobby was born.


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Chaparral 2

mrrc Chaparral 2 With nice sticky tires and a healthy size magnet buried inside the chassis, the MRRC Chappy is a blast to drive. On my 45' Scalextric track it runs even with the new Scaley 911GT3's - turning lap times in the mid-5 second range. There are two positions for the magnet. You can move it to the rear for a more stuck-down car, or shift the magnet forward to give the car a more tail-happy feel. I actually found it more enjoyable to leave the magnets in the back.
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Tomy/AFX International Race Set

tomy/afxGrowing up in the '70's, my slot car experiences surrounded HO racing, with AFX cars on AFX track. I'd race the foam tires off my cars, and rearranged tracks until all but a few of the track tabs were broken off. Then somewhere along the line, the track and cars got boxed up and put away, and probably sold off at a yard sale or put in the garbage with other unused toys.


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Super Truck Tuning

GB Track Super Truck Tuning The first time I heard someone mention that FLY/GB Track would be releasing rigs from the European Super Race Truck series, I snickered. When I saw them finally appear on my local hobby shop shelf, I chuckled. But when some of my friends finally gathered to try a pair of these monstrous slot cars, we spent the evening howling with joy!


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Sharing the Hobby

Another great thing about this hobby is sharing it with others. And when it came time for one on my best friend's birthday, the gift decision was fairly easy. Now over the past few years, he has enjoyed racing in our basement along with admiring the detail and smooth running of the latest cars coming down the pike. So it was time, he needed a slot car track for his very own.
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Classic Car Round-up

carrera classic car roundupLast year Carrera finally brought to the American market cars that a lot of enthusiasts have been screaming for: Classic American Muscle. Not so much as dedicated racing cars, but more for the street rod racers, these machines have their strong points, and they deserve a closer look.

Each one of these models has its own style and virtues, but all of them give the hobbyist a chance to add a good amount of diversity in their racing and collecting. Some die-hard racers may pass on these cars, but they might be missing out on some of the most fun they could have in this hobby.

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