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A question about F1 and the teams
Posted by NicoRosberg.

Trackmate Pause Problem
Posted by DB9

SCX WOS & PC Lap Counter, WORKING -- VIDEO in newest post
Posted by Draconious

Oxygen for carrera
Posted by b.yingling

Mustang and Camaro release dates??
Posted by Scaleracing

New F1 Format !
Posted by NicoRosberg.

2017 143 Kleskun Hills Fun Run
Posted by Lloyd.L

New Chassis from JAG Hobbies
Posted by NicoRosberg.

Fall 2018 Round 2 @ Copperhead
Posted by ken weir

Anybody build a table with aluminum studs?
Posted by Dodgefarmer

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Revo Slot a new ( again ) idea in 1:32 scale Slotcars

Published: September 22, 2017
There is a new Company in 1:32 scale Revo Slot in partnership with BRM.

BRM NSU Mini Cars

Published: May 30, 2017

BRM NSU Mini Cars 1:24 scale cars that run on 1:32 scale track.

BRM NSU Mini cars

New McLarens coming soon from BRM

Published: December 14, 2016 By Scaleracing | Views: 2616

New releases coming soon from BRM

Click on image for more information.

Latest News & Articles

Decals 101

how to make your own slot car decals When it comes to doing custom work, the one thing that stands in the way of many completed projects is getting satisfactory custom graphics or sponsor decals. Many settle for a good paint job, or buying decals from a distributor.
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Fly Lister Storm Tuning

Fly Lister Storm Tuning Another hot rod from Fly that has caught the eye of a lot of enthusiasts is the Lister Storm. The car has been out for quite some time, but new liveries keep coming, giving the home or club racer even more to choose from.

The first thing that strikes you is the looks of this car. Either you love it or hate it! I happen to like the overall look of the car and it gives me the impression that it is going 100 miles an hour sitting still.

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Opel Astra V8 Coupe

scalextric Opel Astra V8 Coupe slot car reviewWhen your budget only allows for maybe one car per month, buying something new can be a scary thing. What car do you get that will give you the most bang for the buck, that won't let you down or exhibit characteristics that will leave you with a bit of buyer's remorse. All manufacturers have had their clunkers. The cars that never really lived up to one's expectations. A great body covering a junk chassis is a penny pincher's nightmare.


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Carrera G0!!! Power Loop

Carrera GO! The slot car racing hobby is growing, no doubt about that. Now Carrera is introducing a new line of 1/43rd scale slot racing systems to add to its already successful 1/32nd and 1/24th products. 1/43? Yes, you heard it right, and they are bringing it in a big way.



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Cheap Trees for Your Slot Car Track

How to cheaply make trees for your slot car trackBefore we get started, if your reading this thinking you are going to learn how to make very detailed, realistic trees, this is not one of those articles. Our Model Railroad brethren have already done this for us, and have done it quite well. There are literally hundreds of articles covering the creation of all different types of trees, from simple shrubs to mighty oaks. These trees are not just scenery; some of these are works of art. With that said, it posed the question to me: "Will they work for a scale model raceway as well?"
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Ninco Audi TT Upgrade

ninco Audi TT Upgrade With Ninco's release of this car, the first thing that strikes your eye is its looks. Although not as detailed as Scalextric or Fly, is a very nice model, built for running and racing. Another thing is the NC-2 motor, which are more than enough horses for this little DTM addition.

With that said, as you may know, Ninco cars are not as stuck down as other cars might be, and not that this trait is bad, you might want to add just a bit of down-force in the rear for added speed in the corners. On Carrera track, this is more evident, as the rails are less magnetic than on Scalextric or Ninco, so I chose to help this model just a bit.

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Callaway C12 Corvette

Callaway In 1986, Reeves Callaway took a stock Corvette and created what came to be known as the Callaway Twin Turbo. In 1988, it was known as the Sledgehammer, a Viper killer. Available at select dealerships, only the well off could afford this performance option, and the cars are highly collectible. In 1992, the twin turbo option went away, but in 1999, a new breed of snake killers emerged. Enter, the Callaway C12.


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Classic Fly Tuning

Classic Fly Tuning lola t70  ferrari 512s Two cars that seem to stand out for me are the Ferrari 512S Berlinetta and the Lola T70 MkIIIB Coupe from Fly Car Model. These cars have been out for quite some time, yet, I feel some modelers would enjoy these classics. They are fun to drive, have outstanding detail, and are quite competitive.

The performance of these cars are pretty similar, with the Lola having a bit more tail out action, being longer of the 2, and the added rear spare tire adds weight here as well. Still this car feels more stuck down than the Ferrari and they are very close.
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SCI Track Directory

We are looking for your favorite tracks to be included in SCI's Track Directory!!! All fifty states are listed alphabetically and of course Canada is included as well. Although SCI's focus is mainly North America We would like for you to add your favorite race tracks to our list no matter where it is. If you don't see a place to add your track scroll to the bottom, start a new thread and we will add a section for it.

This Directory is for Commercial Raceways, Stores with Tracks, Club tracks and also Private tracks looking for Racers.