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2019 Update on SCI Server move and New Hosting Company.

Published: October 13, 2019

Updated November 19th 2019.

Please read article for latest news, we are slowly getting the new Server configured.

Progress on our move to a new Server. We are finally getting moved from our old hosting Company. This process is taking a lot longer than we expected due in part to the amount of data to be moved. We hope to be live and operating again later this week.

We will then start to rebuild features that has made SCI a place to go to to find out about Slot Car Racing. As always our focus will be the North American market as we are based here and in the changing world of retail we are aiming to become the main source for sales on the Brands we Import, Distribute and Manufacture.

Slot Car Illustrated rebuild and problems with log in.

Published: March 14, 2019

As we continue the rebuild of SCI, some known issues we are working on, and how to see the New Forum. Please check the link to expand this article we are working on the Site to add more features daily. Do not try to log in here this Front Page is not linked to the New Forum. Either see the rest of this article or click here to go to the New Forum on SCI 


News from the UK Slotcar Festival

Published: May 19, 2018 | Views: 3114
Under the cover of the Media Blitz surrounding the Royal Wedding our Roving Reporter popped over to the UK to see what was on show at the Slot Car Festival.

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Latest News & Articles

Audi R8

carrera 1/24 audi r8 One thing is certain, when it comes to 1/32nd scale model car racing, the larger size of these models offered attracts a good portion of enthusiasts. Carrera brings that appeal to even another group of hobbyists. Their Exclusiv series of 1/24th scale cars have caught the eye of many model car racers, and not only are they larger, but they are as fun to drive and race, as their smaller counterparts.


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Porsche GT1 EVO - Lighted

996 gt1The GBTrack Porsche GT1 Evo from FLY is my first exposure to lighted FLY cars. I've had several lighted cars from other brands, and each worked about the same way. When power is applied, the lights come on. Take the power away, the lights go off. I expected nothing more from the FLY Porsche. I was in for a surprise...


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Porsche 911 GT3 Phase II

porsche We hear the term "fun factor" a lot in this hobby. Just what does make a model racing car fun? Well apparently, Scalextric understands most of what makes a fun slot car, and the new release of Porsche 911 GT3R is no exception, combining a very smooth, quiet drive-train and with great looks and performance.


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Williams and McLaren F1 Sport versions

f1 cars The Scalextric Sport cars are finally here! After months of talk about this new and improved line, the rubber finally meets the road with first versions, featuring the Williams BMW and McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 cars. Were they worth the wait? I sure think so, and anyone who demands high quality in his or her scale model cars will too.

These cars are simply excellent models. From the packaging to the performance, these cars set new standards in what the slot car enthusiast will expect from every new slot car they buy. They arrived in very attractive display boxes, with a brief summary of the individual car's 2001 season on the inside of the lid.
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Decals 101

how to make your own slot car decals When it comes to doing custom work, the one thing that stands in the way of many completed projects is getting satisfactory custom graphics or sponsor decals. Many settle for a good paint job, or buying decals from a distributor.
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Fly Lister Storm Tuning

Fly Lister Storm Tuning Another hot rod from Fly that has caught the eye of a lot of enthusiasts is the Lister Storm. The car has been out for quite some time, but new liveries keep coming, giving the home or club racer even more to choose from.

The first thing that strikes you is the looks of this car. Either you love it or hate it! I happen to like the overall look of the car and it gives me the impression that it is going 100 miles an hour sitting still.

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Opel Astra V8 Coupe

scalextric Opel Astra V8 Coupe slot car reviewWhen your budget only allows for maybe one car per month, buying something new can be a scary thing. What car do you get that will give you the most bang for the buck, that won't let you down or exhibit characteristics that will leave you with a bit of buyer's remorse. All manufacturers have had their clunkers. The cars that never really lived up to one's expectations. A great body covering a junk chassis is a penny pincher's nightmare.


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Carrera G0!!! Power Loop

Carrera GO! The slot car racing hobby is growing, no doubt about that. Now Carrera is introducing a new line of 1/43rd scale slot racing systems to add to its already successful 1/32nd and 1/24th products. 1/43? Yes, you heard it right, and they are bringing it in a big way.



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