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Scalextric C1374 Arc Air Pro info

Published: November 1, 2017
Finally the Scalextric C1374T Arc Air Pro Set is in stock. Check out the latest "wireless" Digital system from Scalextric.

A Tale of Two Jags

Published: August 9, 2010
Scalextric D-type JaguarScalextric have recently issued a 4,500 limited edition twin pack 1955 Mercedes-Benz / Jaguar D Type set. The two cars come in a presentation box and are both displayed to their best. This review is just for the D Type Jaguar as it is the new car in the set. The Mercedes was released last year. As Auto Art also released the D Type last year I thought I'd add some photos of both cars.

Audi R10

Published: April 7, 2008
scalextric audi r10 slot car review
Magnet is the usual Scalextric bar and provides plenty of downforce. Car weight is 84 grams. Total weight plus magntic downforce is 347 grams according to my 'Magnet Marshall'.
I did notice that the rear tires fit very loosely on their wheels. I chose not to worry about this....with 260 plus gram of magnetic 'grip' i saw no reason to believe the loose fit would matter...and i was correct.
The head and taillights are plenty bright and wonder of wonders don't shine through the car body.

Ford Focus WRC C2802

Published: August 14, 2007

Scalextric Ford Focus WRC C2802 slot car reviewThe new Scalextric Ford Focus continues the front engine / rear belt drive layout first introduced with the Peugeot 307. To examine the virtues of this layout, I have compared this new model with the Scalextric Subaru Impressa WRC (C2749) and the SCX Citroen Xsara WRC (62180) – the Scaleys as raced in the 2006 Rally Argentina, The SCX as raced in the 2006 Monte Carlo Rally.


Scalextrix/QuattroX "Takara" Honda/Acura NSX

Published: May 3, 2006
Scalextric QuattroX Takara honda acura nsx jgtc slot car review I know that a lot of the slotcar fanatics have been hearing rumblings about the Scalextric / QuattroX products under the Takara banner that are sold in Japan. We have been wondering what the cars would be like, would they be up to par with the other Scalextric releases? Would they perform? Would they be cheap imports? Well, lets go find out!

Ferrari F2004 F1

Published: October 25, 2005
Scalextric Ferrari F2004 F1 car slot car review No, it’s not a riddle but rather the long awaited and heavily anticipated release of the all-new Scalextric Ferrari F1 2004. Being released in both ‘Sport’ and non-Sport trim at the same time these Ferraris are already hitting the store shelves and fulfilling customer’s pre-orders as we speak. So, just in case you haven’t considered getting one we’re going to take a closer look to hopefully help you make that buying decision. Time to turn on the track power, fire up the timing system and squeeze the controller trigger.

Maserati MC12

Published: July 26, 2005
scalextric Maserati MC12 slot car reviewThe details on this car are very accurate. Recently I had the chance to see the real, blue Maserati MC12 race during the New England Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park. This model car correctly captures nearly every detail except correct color for the latches on the vented motor cover (they're red by the way). The slot car lacks any detail on the bottom, but I got the chance to see the underside of the real car and strangely it is featureless as well. The belly pan is textured to resemble carbon-fiber.

Mini Cooper S Sport "Italian Job"

Published: October 21, 2004
Scalextric Mini Cooper S Sport Italian Job slot car reviewThis is more of a collectors review than actual driver’s review. There are other reports of the performance of the Scalextric Mini Cooper, and I would doubt that the cosmetic changes will affect performance. Remember that this is the first real slot car for my wife and my first shot at something other than HO scale from 25-20 years ago. I am looking forward to the challenge of driving by throttle only. And we hope that it will be a great time for our three year-old helping when the cars do come out of the slots.

Maserati 250F

Published: October 5, 2004
scalextric Maserati 250F slot car reviewThe late fifties Grand Prix scene saw a strong mix of cars being driven by some of the greatest drivers of all time. The British "assemblatore" (Enzo Ferrari's derisive reference to the majority of teams who don't build their entire chassis and drivetrain) were ably represented by marques like BRM and Vanwall while the Italian honor was upheld by Ferrari and Maserati. Of these four teams only Maserati had a real "history" behind them, the others having only built cars a comparative few years each. The year 1957 would prove to be Maserati's last as a factory GP entrant, but what a way to go out. Though they had lost the driving services of rising star Stirling Moss to the new British Vanwall team they had secured the services of the 'Maestro' himself, four-time World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio, from the Ferrari team where he had won the 1956 World Championship in his single season there.

Australian Rules Stock Car

Published: January 29, 2004
scalextric australian rules stock cars slot car reviewThe Holden Commodore “CASTROL” #8, and the Ford Falcon “PIRTEK” #4, released originally as Special Edition cars for Australia, - Now available in the USA