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Porsche 917 & Lola T70

Published: October 4, 2001

FLY 1:32 Scale Porsche 917 & Lola T70

In the old days, detail on a slot car meant putting it there yourself. You took plastic model kits and converted them into slot cars, or bought slot car kits from Monogram or Cox and painted and detailed them yourself. In later years detail seemed to fade away completely from the slot car scene, replaced by flat "pancake" lexan bodies that offered less weight, more downforce, and more speed.
In the past few years, the hobby has seen a resurgence of cars with great detail. But on top of the great looks, the cars are quite fast. FLY is well known for their highly detailed and above average performing cars.

I was fortunate enough to sample a couple of these awesome cars, the Porsche 917 K and the Lola T70 Mk 3B. Both came packaged in a very nice display case. The finish on these great cars just shines. The tampoed graphics are crisp and very scale appearing. The collector would certainly appreciate the work that has gone into these cars. In fact, there is quite a collector's market for these cars, as I will get into in a minute.

On the track, these cars live up to their name; they FLY! Held to the track by a traction magnet, they corner much faster than my Scalextric Mercedes CLK's that came with my track set. They look very realistic on the track, and are a great pair to fight it out, side by side. Breaking is quick and controllable with the standard Scalextric controllers that I have, and acceleration is very quick. Out of the box, you'll find that they tend to leave the track before they slide out in the corners. You need to learn where the breaking point is because when they do leave the track, they might just become a projectile.
I'd mentioned that people actually collect these. It is intesting to note that several of the early FLY cars from 1996. Several of their early Vipers that sold for $45 retail are now going for over $150! Taking cues from other markets, FLY has also started producing limited edition cars as well. Recently they've released some Steve McQueen cars, replicas from his years of racing.

It's the detail, though, that make these cars so special. Yes, their performance is quite impressive, their collectibility inviting, but when it comes from cars that are as beautiful as these, you can't go wrong. Some have detailed motors, like the Lola here, and both of my test cars have real rubber spares under the "bonnet". Both have full detailed drivers and interiors, as well as multi-piece headlights. If you're tired of the same old thing, and want to collect something different, I HIGHLY recommend looking at FLY slot cars. You will be impressed. Better yet, put them on a track, and burn some rubber!