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Scalextric 1:32 Scale Le Mans Slot Car Set

Published: October 2, 2001

Scalextric 1:32 Scale Le Mans Slot Car Set

By Ken


My first exposure to slot cars came in the mid '60's when my brother received an Eldon Slot Car Set for Christmas. I remember him and another of my brothers racing around this great, wide track, the cars sliding around the corners, and it was always my job to put the cars back on the track when needed. I remember it wasn't too long after Christmas day that my brother began disassembling the cars and modifying them, always trying to get more speed and better handling out of those now classic cars. What ever happened to that early set I do not know, but it certainly paid for itself in the memories it brings.

Later on in my young life I ended up with a large HO set by AFX. I remember running the tires off those cars, and repainting the bodies to meet my needs. Though the years I've had several more HO sets, but they never filled my need to get a large scale set like my brother once had. Until now...

After many years of wishing, I finally got myself a Scalextric 1:32 scale Le Mans set. I waited patiently for it to arrive from the store, and when it finally arrived, I couldn't set it up fast enough. I wasn't prepared for the shear mass of this set. It's HUGE!

I even had to move my couch back several feet to clear enough space. Once set up, the only thing left was to put the cars on the track and set them into motion.

I was immediately impressed with the smooth, quiet speed of the Mercedes CLK's that came with the set. The power band was very controllable, with no sudden bursts of speed unless you wanted it. The cars themselves are remarkably detailed, complete with engine detail, full interior, and working head and tail lights.

The set includes over 30 feet of track, power pack and controllers, and an electronic lap counter. The lap counter also gives you your fastest lap.

All in all, this is an awesome toy for young and old. Since receiving it, I've put thousands of laps on the track, and redesigned the layout more than once. My only complaint, and it is a small one, is that the two cars that come with the set look too much alike, especially when zipping around the track. I would have liked to see a Porsche or other car from the same class instead of two Mercedes CLK's. Still, it's more fun that any one person should be allowed. That's why it's even better when two play.