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Scalextric Speedway set

Published: June 10, 2002

speedway When Scalextric recently dropped their prices on sets and cars, I was hoping to find a few things I had perhaps missed out on in the past. Sure enough, some older NASCAR sets dropped dramatically in price and I could not pass on them this time around. I chose the Scalextric NASCAR Speedway set #C1041T. Not only does this set give you plenty of track if your looking to expand your existing layout, but it includes some of the finest running model cars you can buy with the 1999 NASCARS.


Scalextric Sport Track System

Published: April 17, 2002
sport review Scalextric's announcement of the their new Sport Track system has had quite a few enthusiasts on the edge of their seat, anxiously awaiting its arrival. Promises of a better track system for the model car racer is no small order, but Scalextric is used to bringing us quality, and they have achieved that goal once more.

This track is quite an improvement over the classic track, not only in the track itself, but added features as well.

Carrera LeMans Race Set

Published: April 13, 2002

carrera lemans Everything has to start somewhere. With slot cars, it's most often a small set, often the least expensive in the line, or close to it. Many manufacturers offer starter sets, most are the best value for your money to get the ball rolling. They come with controllers, powerpack, track, and two cars, together worth far more than the cost of the set.


Life-Like Super Stock Four Lane Raceway

Published: April 9, 2002

lifelike Like a lot of you, my childhood included setting up my HO scale AFX set, and piloting my favorite car around my modest layout for hours. Having a track taking up ¾ of our living room was no strange site at all, and somewhere in that time, my passion for the hobby was born.


Tomy/AFX International Race Set

Published: April 7, 2002

tomy/afxGrowing up in the '70's, my slot car experiences surrounded HO racing, with AFX cars on AFX track. I'd race the foam tires off my cars, and rearranged tracks until all but a few of the track tabs were broken off. Then somewhere along the line, the track and cars got boxed up and put away, and probably sold off at a yard sale or put in the garbage with other unused toys.


Carrera G0!!! Power Loop

Published: March 3, 2002

Carrera GO! The slot car racing hobby is growing, no doubt about that. Now Carrera is introducing a new line of 1/43rd scale slot racing systems to add to its already successful 1/32nd and 1/24th products. 1/43? Yes, you heard it right, and they are bringing it in a big way.



Ninco Karting Race Set

Published: January 1, 2002

karting36 years on and cool is back with the Ninco Go-Kart set. I bought this for my sons 17th birthday and at $210.00 Australian dollars it is well worth the price. [Editor's Note: this set is available in the U.S. at about $140 U.S.] The track is an extended oval that will fit nicely on a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood. The running length of the track is a bit over 15 feet. Now, while this is a comfortable set, the small size really never lets these cars get up to speed, and I tell you they are quick!


Scalextric 1:32 Scale Le Mans Slot Car Set

Published: October 2, 2001

lemans setMy first exposure to slot cars came in the mid '60's when my brother received an Eldon Slot Car Set for Christmas. I remember him and another of my brothers racing around this great, wide track, the cars sliding around the corners, and it was always my job to put the cars back on the track when needed. I remember it wasn't too long after Christmas day that my brother began disassembling the cars and modifying them, always trying to get more speed and better handling out of those now classic cars. What ever happened to that early set I do not know, but it certainly paid for itself in the memories it brings.