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Auto World 4-Gear Release 5 “Carffiti”

Published: September 23, 2011

Auto World 4-Gear Release 5 “Carffiti”

by Paul Shoemaker



I will be the first to admit, when I saw the first teaser shots of the new 4-Gear Release 5 "Carffiti" cars, I thought, "what are thinking over at Auto World?". To say these are unconventional is an understatement! But now that I've seen these up close and personal, they are pretty cool! And I define that by the unusual presentation these cars have. Nothing and no one else has done anything like this before, so I give Auto World major cudos for going out on that edge! Now are these cars going to appeal to everyone, what release does? But I can tell you this, my kids zeroed in on these immediately. The bright colors and big splashy graphics were instant eye catchers for them. I have to say, Auto World did an outstanding job in creating the paint schemes and tying them to the car models themselves or the historic references the cars hold. The Tom Daniel models carry his name or his creations' names. These won't be everybody's cup of tea, but the uniqueness of the designs will make these instant collectables. After a week of photographing and examining the details of these new entries into the slot car world, I have to confess, they have grown on me. The vivid paint really stands out on the track, especially the drag strip where these seem right at home! So let's introduce these bad boys of urban art and let you be the judge!

First in the batch is the ’70 Ford Mustang.


Next we have a ’70 Plymouth Barracuda.


The S’Cool Bus has a whole new life with this new paint scheme.


Tom Daniel’s Baja Beast is decked out in splatter paint and a nod to Tom.


The ’56 Ford Pickup will be popular in the splashy graphics.


The paint sure does make the ’59 Cadillac Ambulance look even lower and leaner.


Yeah, I had my concerns, maybe even doubts when I first caught a glimpse of these “Carffiti” cars. But seeing is believing and believe me, these cars are definitely worthy of a spot in any collection.


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