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Auto World Top Fuel Dragsters.

Published: November 12, 2011

The Auto World Top Fuel Dragsters Release #1

 By: Paul Shoemaker

  Auto World Top Fuel Dragsters.  

So I went out to my mailbox today and it was like Christmas, my birthday, anniversary, my UN-birthday and the 4th of July all rolled into one! Yes! The Auto World Top Fuel Dragsters had arrived for review. If you can’t tell, I was really looking forward to these! Being a drag fan forever, I think I have set up more drag strips with my slot cars over the years than road courses or ovals.

 Up until now, we had only a handful of classic HO scale slots to fall back on when it came to the world of straight line zoom. With the introduction of the Auto World drag sets and last year’s funny cars we started seeing the rubber burning world of the drag strip come to our living room floors. AND now we have the top of the heap, rulers of the burn out pad, top fuellies in our own scale and ready to rumble! I don’t know if it’s tears of joy or nitro-meth causing my eyes to water! So let’s dig into these new goodies and see what all we get with this brand new design!

 Auto World has used the reliable “4-Gear” chassis in this new offering. The 4-Gear is an excellent platform and will allow for some serious modification for those of us who like to tinker, but runs very well out of the box for those who like to just set and race. The two samples I have ran very well right out of the package. 

NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters

The New Top Fuel Dragsters! Here’s how you will find them in the wild!

 The TFD (Top Fuel Dragster) body is secured with a single screw at the front of the 4-Gear chassis. The rear of the body wraps under the rear of the body to secure it nicely and keeps the body assembly from moving side to side. It also neatly conceals the rear portion of the chassis leaving nice clean lines.

Auto World Dragster

The TFD body is mounted from a single body mount screw.

Auto World Dragster

The TFD body is kept securely in place with a single body mount screw in front of the chassis and a nice wrap around designed into the body that keeps the rear of the car where it should be.

The body assembly is a single piece that includes the front fuselage, cockpit, chas- sis frame, engine and wing assembly. The details are crisp and clean. These include body panel line, quick release pins, roll cage, even the transmission tunnel is neatly outlined in the frame rails under the rear wing assembly. These extra details gives the customizer a head start to really make some nice modifications to draw out even more realistic appearances.

Auto World Dragster

 Auto World included lots of details. Check out the panel lines and roll cage.

 Auto World Top Fuel Drasters 

The cockpit and driver are nicely done and have some serious possibilities for the details to added.

 Auto World Dragster

 Detailed transmission, wing struts and engine lay out in all the right places.  Another big plus to this release are the new big drag slicks! These wrap around the now familiar 5-slot, 4-Gear rear rim, now painted a semi-gloss black. The rear slicks have “Goodyear” and “Eagle” stamped clearly on the sidewalls. And these bad boys have some serious meat on them.

  Auto World Dragster 

Auto World continues with the details, including Goodyear Eagle stencils on the sidewalls. 

Auto World Dragster

 And with this release we get some seriously wide and tall slicks! Now those are some wicked ground pounders! 

Top Fuel Dragsters 

And that Top Fueler Wing! Awesomely perched in the air keeping all that acceleration on the pavement! 

Dragster details 

The front wheels are nice and low and are part of the body assembly. The design is solid plastic and offers less drag than a 2-piece rubber tire and rim. 

Auto World Top Fuel Dragster 

Here we can see the bottom of the chassis/body. The normal guide location of the 4-Gear Chassis is retained and an additional guide is built into the body, further forward to allow the dragster as a whole to track straight when accelerating. The 4-Gear Chassis pin rotates as normal, however, the forward pin is molded in a fixed position.   Here are some full body shots of the Army and Al-Anabi sponsored TFDs.


Auto World Top Fuel Dragster




Side View

Top Fuel Dragster


 The Army sponsored top fuel dragster as driven by Tony Schumacher. 

AL-ANABI Top Fuel Dragster


Auto World Dragster


Side view

 Auto World Dragsters

 The Al-Anabi sponsored top fuel dragster as driven by Larry Dixon.

 Get Ready- Get Set!!

Auto World Top Fuel Dragster Racing

 Auto World has really done a great job with these new top fuelers! This is the first time in HO scale slot cars that actual rail style dragsters have offered by a mainstream manufacturer.  This first release has 4 top notch sponsored rides including:Fram Sponsored, Driver: Spencer MasseyCopart Sponsored, Driver: Brandon BernsteinArmy Sponsored, Driver: Tony Schumacher (Pictured here)Al-Anabi Sponsored, Driver: Larry Dixon (Pictured here) These new releases are an awesome addition to the drag sets released last year and look great sitting next to the funny car and pro stock releases, waiting for their turn on the burn out pad! Are you staged and ready to go? Yellow-Yellow-Yellow- GREEN!!!!! 

-Paul Shoemaker

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