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2013 Auto World Racing Rigs Release 7 - Car and Hauler Combo Packs

Published: October 10, 2013
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Autumn has arrived and with the leaves changing colors and temperature starting to get a little cooler, it’s starting to become slot car season!  Checking the mailbox today, much to my surprise, it held the two new releases from Auto World’s Racing Rigs Series.  However, Release #7 is a bit different than other releases that have come before.  These are a car and trailer series, with a competition car in NHRA or NASCAR format, along with their team truck and trailer.  This first release of this format has Richard Petty’s 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner, truck and trailer and Ron Capps’ Napa Dodge Charger Funny Car, truck and trailer.  So let’s take stroll around these new additions to the H.O. racing world.

We’ll start this review with the Richard Petty set of vehicles. The set includes the 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner with the Pepsi sponsor logos and Petty Enterprises stamp on the rear quarters.  The “Petty” blue looks spot on from that era and the tampo art is crisp accurate for the period.  The blackout hood is a nice touch, rendering a version of the car not produced in H.O. before.  Auto World used the previous Johnny Lightning body from the 1st series of that brand.  Extra details in the grill, headlight covers and markings make this a very nice addition to your scale stock car stable. 


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The truck and trailer are Auto World’s standard fare of a full van body trailer with the lower belly skirts and the Kenworth 359 tractor with sleeper.  Both are done up in the Petty Blue and the are decked out with the Petty Enterprises logo and the historic #43’s.  Some extra details were also added, with brake lines being detailed and all of the contingency sponsors getting added to the trailer. One thing to note, the guide pins for the rear of the truck and both guides for the trailer are not installed, but come in a plastic bag for you to snap in place.


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Next up is the Ron Capp’s Dodge Charger Funny Car with the Napa sponsorship.  The funny car is detailed nicely with some very fancy pin striping and all of the real cars colorful blue and yellow layout.  This set gives a good variation of racing venues and focuses on what is fast becoming Auto World’s specialty, creating H.O. scaled drag racing themes.  What was once a very rare offering has now become a greatly appreciated addition to the H.O. world of racing and collecting.


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And as the same as the Petty hauler, we get the team truck and trailer that hauls Mr. Capp’s fast ride around from strip to strip.  The Kenworth is decked out in a nice dark metallic blue and is treated to the detailing the Petty truck has.  The trailer is has the same pin striping treatment as the funny car, along with the appropriate Napa logos letting you know whose buggy is getting hauled in that trailer.


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The latest offerings from Auto World gives us a couple of fresh new venues of old favorites.  The Petty combo hits home with the vintage Plymouth and some really good paint and tampo work to recreate a classic.  The Ron Capp’s Dodge gives us another great drag theme which is becoming the Auto World signature line.  And the haulers are icing on the cake.  Given the themes of classic stockers and dragsters, this concept can bring some interesting things to our H.O. universe.

-Paul Shoemaker 

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