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NINCO1 Megane "Polaroid"

Published: June 8, 2010
NINCO1 Megane NINCO's first Renault Megane Trophy was a big hit during its production run, and with plenty of liveries to choose from: ATAG, Cesam, TDS, etc, and its great handling, it became one of the most popular slot car that NINCO produced. When Renault released a new Megane race car, many knew it was just a matter of time until NINCO adds this car in their line-up of slot cars, and that time has come. The NINCO1 Megane "Polaroid" is the slot car that we will be taking for a spin around the beautiful Grand Loop Raceway - a beautiful NINCO track owned by Jay Hardy.

NINCO Mustang FR500 GT3 “Daytona”

Published: December 13, 2009
NINCO Mustang FR500 GT3 “Daytona”The third body style in the NINCO1 series, the Ford Mustang FR500 GT3, brings an 'in your face' attitude to the NINCO lineup. As a series for beginning drivers, the only question is whether or not dad is going to 'confiscate' this car for his own use. The looks of the car and the drive may surprise a few folks. We'll take a look at the car inside and out, and get a few driving impressions along the way.

NINCO Ferrari 360

Published: July 14, 2009
NINCO Ferrari 360It's no secret that NINCO racing kits have long been a favorite of mine, whether they were the Toyota Supra or Renault Megane ProRace kits or the Ferrari 360 ProDriver kit. I've never been disappointed with the ferocious performance from these cars outfitted with ProRace parts and powered by NINCO's NC-6 'Crusher' motor.

NINCO N-Digital Corvette Z06 “Monza”

Published: June 14, 2009
NINCO N-Digital Corvette Z06 “Monza”NINCO returns to the entry-level ring with the second of its new NINCO 1 line, but unlike the introductory WTCC Chevy show car, this release is pure race car – the Chevy Corvette GT3 Z06 driven by Philipp Peter and Luke Hines. Dressed in black and decked out with a large rear wing, this is one of NINCO’s first forays into modern American muscle.

NINCO Bowler Nemesis “Dakar Coronel”

Published: April 18, 2009
NINCO Bowler Nemesis “Dakar Coronel”Every slot car company has what you might call a ‘signature series’ – a group of cars unique to them, or a group that they do exceptionally well. Fly has their classics, Carrera has their American iron, and NINCO has a few, such as their JGTC cars, their own line of classics, and their RAID trucks. We’ll get a closer look at NINCO’s latest addition to the RAID truck series, the Bowler Nemesis of Tim and Tom Coronel, twin racing brothers from the Netherlands.

NINCO “Lightning” Acura "XM" Le Mans Prototype

Published: March 9, 2009
NINCO “Lightning” Acura When one hears the name Acura, quality Japanese styling usually comes to mind. Things changed in March of 2007 when three Acura ARX-01a LMP-2 Racecars rolled into the first race of the ALMS season, Sebring. The Acura brand now has a racing history which has proven to be successful in the past couple of years in the ALMS. To celebrate these cars and their success, NINCO decided to create models of the Patron & Lowe’s Acura Prototype cars in 2008. To top it off, NINCO has now given us a model of the Sebring 2007 2nd overall & LMP-2 class winner, the Andretti Green Racing XM Satellite Radio Acura ARX-01a.

NINCO Lamborghini Gallardo ASP Rally

Published: February 27, 2009
NINCO Lamborghini Gallardo ASP RallyFew car names evoke visions quite like the name of ‘Lamborghini’. Hearing the name, you might think of mansions, Miami, mind-numbing speed, and bikini-clad girls. As far as exotic cars go, nothing seems quite as exotic or over-the-top as a Lamborghini. It’s the car you might buy after spending ten million on a house, and not knowing what to do with the other piddly four hundred grand in spare change that’s still cluttering your pocket. The last image the name might evoke is rally racing.


Published: February 23, 2009
NINCO1 Chevy WTCCNINCO is known worldwide for different styles of racing ranging from fast, agile RTR GT cars, LMP cars, open wheelers, and rally cars/trucks, but on the other end of the spectrum NINCO is also famous for their classics ranging from the timeless Porsche 356 to the stunning Ferrari 250. While NINCO has put its focus on performance in the past couple of years with their Pro-race/Pro-race EVO line of spares, NINCO is going back to basics with a new line-up of cars, NINCO1.

Ninco Acura LMP Patron

Published: February 14, 2009
Ninco Acura Patron LMPAt first glance I’ve gotta say that this car has some of the nicest Paint that I have ever seen. Okay so I was impressed before I got it outa the box.

Body off, I always look. The crown gear was well lubed as well As the centering slot. The gear mesh was pretty darn good and to my surprise quiet too. I loaded the body back onto the chassis and I was off to Cody’s test track and with a quick set of the braid was off for my one and only safety lap. All went well and not a sputter or burp.

Lamborghini Gallardo “NWC 08” Lightning

Published: November 18, 2008
ninco Lamborghini Gallardo “NWC 08” LightningIn July 2008, NINCO announced a competition where NINCO Club members were given the chance to design a fantasy livery and actually see it put into production by NINCO. NINCO’s chosen car for the competition was the Lamborghini Gallardo, and the contestants were to design a livery that will represent the NINCO World Cup 2008 that is to be held in the world famous Silverstone race circuit in Great Britain.