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Shelby Cobra

Published: October 14, 2001

Ninco 1:32 Scale Cobra
By Ken
When it comes to modern out-of-the-box slot cars, it's hard to find some good-old American muscle. Though this is soon to change with Carrera and Scalextric both announcing some great new releases of classic muscle cars, until now the closest thing to a muscle car you could get was the Cobras. Both Ninco (as seen here) and MRRC produce some fine Cobras.

Keeping in mind that I am no expert in the world of slot cars, I have had the pleasure of driving some fine FLY and
Scalextric cars. When the Ninco Cobra arrived, I was surprised to discover how little I knew about what makes a good slot car.

The Cobra intimidated me from the start, simply because I had fore-knowledge of the fact that the Cobra did not have traction magnets. I was expecting to spend most of my time putting the car back on the track.
First let me say that this Cobra is easily the COOLEST looking car in my collection. It's small, and seems very in scale with the other cars I have. The wheels are very stock looking, and even the tread on the tires seems to fit nicely with the theme. The driver looks ready to race, and the detailed dash sets off the shortened interior very nicely. This car looked fast, even before I put it on the track.
When I did finally get it on the track, I was surprised at how little throttle was required to make it go. Not knowing a whole lot about slot car motors, it seems as though the motor turns more RPM's with less throttle than my FLY or Scalextric cars.
The real surprise came in the corners. No, this car does not have magnets, nor does it drive like it does. What it does do is hold the road while sliding the rear tires neatly out on the corners. It was very manageable, and controllable. yes, it did take some practice, but not too much. I started having flashbacks of the old days of Eldon or Strombecker. Only faster! On a short track, you'd be hard pressed to keep up with a FLY or Scalextric car, but none of my "magnet"
cars were anywhere near as fun to drive as the Ninco Cobra.

The Cobra's retail for about $50, a bit more than the average FLY car. What you get for that extra money is more grins per linear foot than any other car out there, at least from this authors standpoint. I highly recommend you pick up one or more of these cars. Not because it'll win you races, but for the shear fun of it.