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Magnet Marshal by TechTechracing

Published: December 8, 2005
Magnet Marshal by TechTechracing slot car reviewEver since Fly released their first Viper’s here in the USA the problem of magnetic grip has been one of the most frustrating issues when people gather to race 1/32 Slot Cars. Although Fly certainly did not invent Magna Traction or magnetic grip, they applied it to a range of cars that inspired a lot of people to get involved with this great Hobby. This also created a serious problem, magnetic grip or balance created much faster, and easier to drive cars.

MAS Slot International

Published: May 23, 2005
MAS Slot International review Mas Slot has been published monthly in Spain for just over a year now. We all know Spain is a hotbed of slot-creativity, but so many of the publications are entirely in Spanish, or carry poor English translation alongside the original Spanish text. The publishers of Mas Slot have taken a bold step and they have produced an all English version of their magazine, and given it the title “Mas Slot International”. Like its Spanish counterpart, the International version will be a monthly release.

Fly / GB Track Racing Hand Controller Test

Published: February 3, 2004
Fly / GB Track Racing slot car Hand Controller Test This past couple days I have had the chance to examine and wring out the newest controller to hit the shelves at our favorite scale model racing shops, the "FLY Racing hand controller". Interestingly, in this age of "electronic" controllers, the FLY Racing hand controller is a resistor-type controller which will be VERY familiar to anyone who has used a Parma controller both in terms of ergonomics and function. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as there are many racers, myself included, who have stayed with these non-electronic units for various reasons.

Scalextric Challenger

Published: January 18, 2004

Scalextric Challanger review

Growing up in England, I tried racing Scalextric with my brothers and sister, but they offered little competition. I needed competition… sadly I never found it. That is my excuse as to why I never became a World Champion racing driver. Today’s Scalextric racers have no such excuses. All they need to do is purchase the Challenger Car Set and they are on their way.

Adam Rust's Fantastic Plastic Wheels

Published: August 5, 2003
Adam Rust's Fantastic Plastic Wheels slot car product reviewAdam Rust approached me via eMail from Australia about testing his wheels, and it was obvious he was excited about them. I said I would be glad to check out his wheels, and he sent them on their way to me. After being held up in Customs for an extra week or so, they finally arrived. I must say that the wheels were worth the wait. Adam had sent me five sets, plus one extra wheel per set. He certainly wanted me to put these rims to the test, and I had several cars in mind that need replacement wheels in a bad way.

DWI Pit Products

Published: August 4, 2003
DWI Pit Products slot car pit power supply tire sander review In the year and a half that I have been running Slot Car Illustrated I have had the pleasure of testing some really interesting and unique stuff. The more recent is the DWI Pit Block and Pit Power system. The equipment arrived safe and sound from DWI, and first impressions are of a quality product. Constructed of sturdy plastic, I got the impression that the DWI equipment could stand up to a lot of abuse.

A Look At BWA Wheels

Published: June 10, 2003

A Look At BWA slot car Wheels What are the best dressed slot cars wearing this Summer? Why, BWA Wheels, of course! The cottage industry for slot cars is growing, and BWA wheels has become quite the household name for quality aftermarket wheels. The creation of a Canadian named Al Penrose, BWA Wheels is a line of spun aluminum wheels for both 1:32 and 1:24 scale slot cars.



Published: April 7, 2003
PC Slot Cars review There have been several PC Based slot car games, several are online and are fun to play. Those online based games offer only the overhead view of the track, and a limited amount of possible track plans. Searching the Net it is possible to find several sites that offer in-car cameras eye views of cars going around the track, and with the recent release of FLY's Camera Truck, it's evident that many long to know what it would be like to sit in the driver's seat of their favorite slot cars.

PPRSlots Super Tires

Published: January 28, 2003
PPRSlots slot car Super Tires review Let me start this by saying that I enjoy scale racing, scale appearance, and getting the most from out of the box cars with minimal modification. I enjoy racing on stock tires, for the most part, and am happy to race on the rubber that comes with a car... usually. But as I race more, I find that those stock tires do wear out, and need replaced. Sometimes, getting stock replacement parts is not easy, sometimes impossible. With the brief experience I've had with silicone tires, I wasn't happy with the feel and "ride" that I got with "Sillies".

Slot Car Bible

Published: December 3, 2002
Slot Car Bible reviewed For an author to call his book a Bible on any subject, it better be pretty good. In fact, it best be darn close to perfect and cover every topic that might arise on the subject. Robert Schleicher's book, Slot Car Bible is his second book in recent years to cover the slot car home racing scene. His previous book, Racing and Collecting Slot Cars was a very popular and thorough publication, and topping it would not be an easy task. Writing a book review would be a challenge for me as well.