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Loko DPS400GL 40 amp Power Supply

Published: October 31, 2002
Loko DPS400GL 40 amp Power Supply Have you been reading and hearing all the praises of upgrading your current power supply from the standard "set" transformers to after-market power? Well I have been hearing it for years, and I finally wised up (pun?) and picked out one.

But why do I need one? Do you really HAVE to upgrade to an after-market power supply to have fun with your slot cars? Of course not. Although some will disagree, my standard transformers or "wall warts" as they are sometimes called, have worked perfectly for years.

Professor Motor Silver Series Carrera Controller

Published: September 15, 2002
Professor Motor Silver Series Carrera Controller Andy Smith, A.K.A. Professor Motor, has been involved with slot cars since the stone age, with an early rail racing set. With an impressive history of racing, innovating, and winning, the good Professor has owned and operated slot car raceways, sponsored races, and has even been active in motorsports. Professor Motor went online in 1999 with his own line of slot car parts and controllers. His controllers are widely accepted as being some of the best, and I felt it was time I found out why.

Scale Buildings

Published: March 26, 2002
scale buildings It's common for newcomers to start out with a simple layout on the living room floor, and slowly, sometimes quickly, get discontent with setting it up, taking it down, only to set it up again. It's normal to wish for something more permanent.

So when the decision is made to create a permanent, or semi- permanent layout, it is very common to want to add more than just track to the layout. It's the same thing that effects model railroaders, the need for detail and realism to complete the feel of real life racing.