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Profil 24 Lotus Elite 1/24 Scale build Part 1

Published: December 29, 2014

Profil 24 Lotus Elite 1/24

Build Part 1

Just received this kit and decided to share the build experience here on SCI.


Kit arrives well packaged with clear indication of the version that was ordered.
You can get the car fully assembled ready to run, as a kit with chassis or as a kit without.
I have the kit with chassis, so what you see above is what you would receive. The kits are designed to use Slot.it running gear. There are wheels available that are the right size but I think I'll try the BRM wire spoke wheels.
There are decals provided for 5 different Le Mans versions of the Elan.
These are good quality decals.
Tons of photoetched parts along with the aluminium chassis.
The detail on these photoetched parts is certainly beyond anything I have built before. Even the gauges are supplied! Going to be fun figuring this lot out!
Look at that detail!!
The kit comes with a front axle/guide holder ang guide. These look like 3D printed parts but I'm no expert. The screws provided are countersunk which aren't very practical for the application.
Wheel base is adjustable with guide carrier set up.
Body has some minor imperfections and flash that need cleaning up before paint and assembly.
Not the best picture but you get the idea.
Body has 3 mounting points for the chassis.
Bumbers and lights for the front. The piece off to the right is a mirror (I believe) and I will have to figure out where to install it.
Rear bumper and taillights along with the exhaust which appears to be a side mount, but there is place for twin exhausts to mount at the rear?
Rear valance and fuel fillers. There are no marks on the body for where the fillers go, so I'll have to do some research to find out.
Rear valance in place with what looks like mounting points for exhausts?
The wheel inserts and centre nuts are nicely detailed, but my kit had 2 inserts and 4 centre nuts? I think the BRM wheels will be a good fit.
Didn't take a picture of the glass, will do that when I get to the assembly stage. It's off to the paint booth first.

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