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Ninco News March

Published: March 3, 2010

Ninco News March


Mosler MT 900 R “Gravity” Lightning

Ref.# 50560

Here’s a new decoration of the successful Mosler MT 900 R coming as a Lightning version. ProRace spec material as standard. Lexan interior and high spec mechanical features including ProRace Evo hubs, 32/11 gearset, transparent chassis with motor support, new NC-12 motor, 2,48mm calibrated axles and proRace screws.

Price: $89.98


Citroen C4 WRC “Remember” Lightning

Ref.# 50547

For the first time, the Group “N” Rallyslot-dominating car comes as a Lightning version. The easiest option for drivers, straight out of the box and ready to run. High performance features such as, ProShock suspension, double bearings, ProRace V.03 hubs, 27 tooth crown gear, transparent chassis with motor support, new NC-12 motor, stainless steel axles 2,48mm and ProRace screws.

Price: $89.98


Ford Mustang FR500 GT3 “Sebring”

Ref.# 755009

Beautiful new decoration of the superb Ford Mustang. Usual NINCO1 mechanics, NC-11 motor, No interior makes it easy for digitalization.

Price: $53.98


Renault Megange Trophy “McGregor”

Ref.# 755021


A new decoration of the latest body style in the NINCO1 range. Usual NINCO1 mechanics, NC-11 motor, No interior for easy digitalization.

Price: $53.98


Ninco Racing Components


Motor NC-14 Speeder+

Ref.# 80617

Evolution of one of the most popular and reliable motors, the NC-5 “Speeder”, now comes with greater magnetic effect without losing its well-known progressive acceleration… that will surely be welcomed by most drivers. 14.8v / 175mA / r.p.m: 20,600 / gcm: 280.

Price: $26.98


ProRace Aluminium/Magnesium Hubs

New Aluminium/Magnesium hubs. Super light & pre-balanced. Anti-sinking system. 5 spokes, no need for hub caps.

  • 80752 – 2 x ProRace Hub V.03 15” (3/32”)
    Price: $12.98
  • 80753 – 2 x ProRace Hub V.03 16” (3/32”)
    Price: $12.98
  • 80754 – 2 x ProRace Hub V.03 17” (3/32”)
    Price: $12.98


ProRace Body Shell Lamborghini Murcielago

Ref.# 80886

White Murcielago body shell, ideal for decorating and personalising. Comes with Lexan interior for competition purposes.

Price: $32.98


ProRace Chassis EVO Lamborghini Murcielago

Ref.# 80886

Transparent. Resistant material. Mechanized motor support. Includes screw and Nylon washer.

Price: $14.98


ProRace Lightweight Angle Winder Crowns

Lightweight, better meshing in less space. With metal insert.

  • 80245 – Crown ProRace V.03 Angle Winder 31z RED (3/32”)
    Price: $7.98
  • 80246 – Crown ProRace V.03 Angle Winder 32z BLACK (3/32”)
    Price: $7.98
  • 80247 – Crown ProRace V.03 Angle Winder 33z BLUE (3/32”)
    Price: $7.98


ProRace Angle Winder Pinions

  • 80248 – Pinion ProRace V.03 Angle Winder 11z (3/32”)
    Price: $6.98
  • 80249 – Pinion ProRace V.03 Angle Winder 12z (3/32”)
    Price: $6.98
  • 80250 – Pinion ProRace V.03 Angle Winder 13z (3/32”)
    Price: $6.98


80430 – 2 x Axle Lock ProRace 3/32”

Price: $6.98



80431 – 2 x Calibrated Axles ProRace EVO 53.5mm (3/32”)

Price: $7.98


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