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NSR News December

Published: November 30, 2010

NSR News December


From Salvatore;

Dear Sirs

I have pleasure to inform you that next week 6 December we will start to ship 50% of ordered SET04 Ford Le Mans Winner; then 13 December we will ship 50% remaining quantity.

I’m honest, after I received more criticisms I destroyed 1.000 ready tampoed and finish painted black #2 GT40… (I have proof, I can send picture of ready and destroyed black cars)

As you can look, the black #2 Ford GT40 has small front lights missed in first version 1055 #3 red.


Yes, I accepted your criticism about missed front lights! We are not perfect fore sure, but we can make better work! More people wrote bad comments about front lights, so I think they like/love performance of NSR cars, but they like nice look too.

For this reason NSR made tremendous work to improve quality of Ford GT40 modifying 3 molds!!

1- Body: we made modification into front light supports, making chromed front lights lower –0.2mm; this because I like clear lens cover is perfect at same level of body, without difference of 0.1mm. (yes, 0.1mm!)

2- Accessories: we made modification to create room to install small front lights; this was really hard work as we had to solder steel and make again CNC work to reproduce small front light place.

3- Windows and lights: we had to create new small front lights (left and right) into the mold.

It means a lot of work (and a lot of money ) , a lot of time; then we had to produce new bodies, new accessories, new lights; then we had to assemble front part of body before paint and make tampo.

Also we produced rear orange lights (together red lights) for better look, as real car. For this reason we had delay in production and in distribution. Now I hope you will appreciate our work.
Thanks and best regards!


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