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It's a Classic I tell you. ( BRM Changes the Gulf to the 1970 Daytona winning car )!!!!

Published: August 5, 2012 | Updated: April 2, 2013 | Views: 27354

This is a car I have been waiting for. Just a quick post for now, a full review will follow. ( now updated )

BRM 917

First some images of the car, on track  during testing.

BRM 1/24 scale Porsche 917

BRM 917

We tried first with the BRM rubber tires and the car ran consistent 6. 0 second laps. It was fun to drive, but as we usually run with Sponge tires I fitted a pair of Scaleauto SC-2414P wheels/tires now we were hooked up.

1/24th scale BRM 917


A good time here for a BRM well set up running similar tires is around 5.2 seconds, to turn those times you are on the edge.


BRM Porsche 917
 The Porsche 917 immediately dropped to consistent 5.5 second laps on a fresh set of Scaleauto tires.
Porsche 917
Rear end detail on the Porsche.
BRM 917
 Car shown here with low profile front tires fitted.
Porsche 917
 Car shown above with the stock treaded tires fitted.
BRM Porsche
So what makes this new BRM go, well lets have a look under that beautiful body.
BRM917 Chassis
Right away you can see BRM have changed the design of the chassis on the 917. Like the earlier Porsche 962 and Toyota 88C it is a fixed motor, no pod. Personally I like that about most of the BRM cars, easy to set up and not a lot of adjustments to make. Still if you look carefully at the front you will notice the front axle height is adjustable. Also unlike the Porsche 962 and Toyota this car has gone angle winder.
BRM022 Porsche 917 
Above is the complete interior, the construction is similar to the 962 Porsche BRM. the Driver and cockpit are held on with a single countersunk Philips screw. The big differences are the angle winder motor shown below.
BRM022 Porsche 917 Slot Car
Close up of the rear axle, angle winder gear and treaded rear tire.
BRM022 Porsche rear axle
and the adjustable front axle, which now rides in brass axle bearing. The axle is adjusted up and down by 2 1.5mm head allen screws one each side, one above and one below the axle bearing. By adjusting these you can raise or lower the axle . You can even tune each side independently which helps set up the handling of the car for different tracks. Also as you can lower or raise the chassis it helps with guide depth set up for different track types.
Porsche 917 front axle
Front axle bearings from BRM
This car comes with period correct treaded tires but also comes with a set of lowered front slick tires and special compound rear tires for racing!!!
In testing the car here in Tacoma we have found this latest BRM to be as fast as a well set up Toyota from BRM. It is a very predictable handling car, and invites aggressive driving. After a little tuning ( we adjusted the front axle height ) we were able to get the lap times down to 5.02 seconds a lap. This is with the stock gearing and the BRM S-032 purple motor. Normally to turn times close to that a BRM Porsche or Toyota would need the faster S-033 black motor. I can't wait to try that in the 917.
The first in a new series of cars BRM has chosen the 1971 Daytona car as the first 917 to model.
1971 Daytona Porsche
BRM have change the first release Gulf 917 to the 1970 Daytona winning car, so the planned 1971 car will now come later.
Gulf 917 1970.jpg
This car will be release as a Limited Edition of only 500 Worldwide. We expect to land these cars at the end of the Summer, with another release to follow before the end of the year.
While doing this review we discussed a few detail points with BRM, the vista window as featured on the Daytona cars was not added, there is an outline of where it appears. It would be possible for the modeller to open up this window, and the good news is the window glass is behind the cover. BRM also acknowledge they incorrectly decorated the door roundels, most images show one door with the heavy black outline. It does not appear on the other door on images from back in the day. They also admit they forgot the rear wing-let, which should be on the winning car from 1971. Interestingly it was not on the 1970 car, so maybe that car will be next?
As shown on these images kindly supplied by Michael Keyser from Autosport Marketing. Michael Keyser's images from Daytona 1971.
We have a winner Daytona 1971.
Porsche 917
The tapes may have had something to do with the illuminated roundel on the left door.
Daytona 24 hr winner 1970
The 1970 car as it takes the flag, no wing-let, and possibly a light black line around the left door roundel.
Daytona 1970
In researching this I found out that the tape was either something to do with the lighting system on the roundel or added to cover the lighting when no longer required.
1970 Winning Car Porsche 917
1970 Daytona
Pictures earlier in the race and before show no black tape on the left side roundel with the lighting parts visible once you know to look.
1970 Porsche #2
1970 winner before the race.
Daytona 1971
It was certainly a heavier black line on the 1971 winning car!!
Daytona 1971
For more images of the 1971 24 hours of Daytona winning car and other shots from 1970 please check out the SCI Gallery here.
Many thanks to Michael Keyser for the use of his fantastic images, and the help in researching the correct decoration of the 1971 and 1970 Daytona winners. Many of these images are for sale as Posters at Michael's Site  http://www.autosportsltd.com/
 all check out the Books he is publishing, they are a look back into a different time. Let him know you saw his photo's on SCI.
So in conclusion it appears the BRM car is really the 1970 car, but with the heavy black tape around the roundels. It is not actually correct to be on both doors and they did miss a few details like the vista window ( which was on the Daytona cars ) the rear wing-let, and a few  NACA ducts and markings. But all in all I believe this is a great model of the 1971 winning car.
Also, most important to me, as a 1/24 scale Slot Car it is a fantastic performer. Out of the box with the alternate lower profile rubber tires it turns very respectable times around 6.0 seconds on our Windsor Track at the www.132slotcar.us Retail Store. After fitting a set of Scaleauto sponge tires it turns times down in the 5.02 range. This car is fast, good looking and fun to race.

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