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Scaleauto BMW M3 GTR White Kit

Published: November 4, 2012

Scaleauto BMW M3 GTR White Kit

How to assemble the Scaleauto white kit by Darren Morris


So here is the white kit as it would arrive from your local slotcar dealer. There is a body, a rolling chassis and 4 bags of parts. Each bag I have identified with a letter of the alphabet and all parts were numbered in order to show where they go.


Here is what you get!

 SC7009 Package

Here are some shots of the body







This a very crisp and detailed kit that reflects the lines of the real car very well. The kit has to be painted in your favourite livery, some of the smaller parts should be painted before assembly.

The contents of our 4 bags is as follows:



 These are all the clear parts you will need to complete the kit. The tail lights will need to be painted. There are 2 ways to paint them, the first is to paint them with clear coloured paints and paint the body behind them silver. The second is to use regular paints which will be opaque enough for you to not have to paint the body behind them.



This bag contains the interior tray, wheel inserts and disc brake/calipers. As well as a bag with the 4 mounting screws. Interior tray could be black or white depending on your preference. Most reference pictures I could find had it as white with the seat and dashboard black.



This bag contains the rest of the pieces that will need to be painted in order to complete you kit. For some reason there are 2 drivers and 2 seat backs, perhaps there is a rally M3 coming out soon? There should also be #23 L/R but one was missing from my kit.



This bag contains all the photo etched pieces that are used to represent the different grills and debris meshes that are on the real car. What does surprise me is there is nothing to go behind the traditional BMWkidneys.

This is where the front side screens go.


Here is the screen installed, just a note this picture is upside down if you are referencing it to the previous one.



Here we have the installation of C16 into the rear bumper as well as the screen D1.



All these pieces need to be installed before installing C27 as shown below.

BMW rear

I would paint the tow hook first and leave these parts until after you have painted the body.

 BMW rear brake duct

D 3 R is now installed, the locator pins for them are on C 27.


These pieces can be kept in place by gluing them or melting the locator pins with a hot soldering iron.

Here we see the under the hood placement for the parts D 4 and D 6 L, D 6 R.



Again install these after painting. It is always a good idea to test fit all parts before gluing or final assembly.

Here we have D 2 installed into C 8 as well as C17.




C 22 fits nicely into place with the locator pins.

Here we have the inside of the hood bonnet area showing C22 and C8 in place.


This is C3 in place and is the only piece I had to guess at where it goes?


Any clues as to what this is supposed to be modelling?

Front view.


Here is the installation of the braces to support the mounting posts.




I would recommend some Shoe goo be used around the posts and along the body in order to strengthen the body and the posts.


Side view of the body to show where the exhausts and filler go.

Below is an image of the parts already installed.



The image below is of the back side of the exhausts that show there is a raised letter on each one indicating left or right side. I did highlight the letters to make them easier to read.


Here is the Right mirror installed.


These look like the will be really fragile in racing conditions. Replacing the arm with thin piano wire may make it less prone to break, but will not be a task undertaken lightly!!



This is C23/4L in place, these parts are really tiny and fiddly. As with the mirrors I think these will end up MIA under racing conditions.


Windshield wiper has 2 possible locations.



Headlights just pop into place, do not use CA on clear parts.


Rear lights easy to install, again No CA!



The rear wing on the BMW is a monster and is definitely going to be a racing victim. I would recommend liberal use of Shoe goo.



Wheel inserts and disc brakes are easy to fit, I had to trim 1/8off the tube to get them to sit flush.


 Well that's all the exterior, now it's time for the interior.

To be continued....

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