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Building the 1/24 th Scaleauto Audi R8LMS GT3 White kit

Published: January 1, 2013

Building the Scaleauto 1/24 Audi R8LMS GT3 White Kit – SC7044 (Part 1)


Just received my Scaleauto 1/24th Audi R8LMS GT3 white kit, which is in the usual blister pack. This is a great way to receive cars that are not going to be shelf queens.


Here is the car unpacked from the shipping box

Scaleauto SC 7044 White kit


The new chassis is immediately apparent when you remove the cardboard from the blister pack. It is a new steel construction which is supposed to be flatter. Certainly feels heavier

Chassis for Audi Scaleauto

Chassis top view and body for Audi R8 White kit


The rest of the parts are inside the body in plastic bags – there aren't as many seperate bags as the Scaleauto BMW M3, but you are still looking at almost 65 pieces to assemble!

Body of R8 and plastic bags with parts in

I have numbered most of the parts for assembly and will paint them all before photographing the assembly.

Here are the 4 different sets of parts:


Clear parts for Audi R8 - headlights tail lights

Interior tray for Audi R8

Screws and photoetched parts for Audi R8


parts for Audi White kit

Exterior parts for Audi R8 White kit


Finally here is the body from all angles which looks nicely detailed and a great representation of the real car.

Right side Audi R8 Body

Front view Audi R8 White kit


Audi R8 body top view

Left side of Audi R8 body

Rear view Audi R8 Body


While photographing the parts there was opportunity to make some comparisions with the BMW chassis I normally race. Without any measurements here are the obvious differences


old and new Scaleauto 1/24 th chassis


Side view comparisson of old and new Scaleauto chassis

These show that the wheelbase is slightly shorter on the Audi – right chassis


Besides showing that the guide is at the same distance to the rear axle on both cars in the next 3 pictures

Bottom view comparisson of Scaleauto chassis

Guide comparisson position on Scaleuto chassis

Bottom view of guide comparison

It also shows that the guide plate/holder now sits on top of the chassis. I at first thought it was an assembly fault on my car but found pictures on the IBB website that show this to be the norm. I can't tell you if it creates any difference in set up and handling but will let you know once I have been able to run it.


Scaleauto has also gone to Nylon gears and pinions for this release so we will have to see how they hold up to the rigours of Scale Racing.


Once finished my biggest concern will be how the rear wing holds in Scale Racing, compared to the Scaleauto BMW and Jaguar rear wings, it is huge


Audi R8 wing next to Jaguar XKR wing

Audi R8 wing compared to BMW M3 GTR wing

Wider than both of these.

More to follow in part 2 with painting and decalling to do while we assemble this great Audi.......

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