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Building the Scaleauto 1/24 Audi R8LMS GT3 White kit - SC7044 (Part 2)

Published: February 3, 2013

Building the Scaleauto 1/24 Audi R8LMS GT3 White Kit – SC7044 (Part 2)

Now we start the paint and assembly process.

right side of Audi R8 LMS white kit

Just to make sure this article is a little more exciting and helpful than watching paint dry, I'm not going to show all the paint process but more of the assembly.

When painting any of the white kits I build I always wash the parts in warm water and some dishwashing liquid. Rinse them in warm water and air dry. Drying them with a cloth can leave fluff on the body. Using a tack cloth before spraying helps keep the finish clean, although looking at some of my pictures I have a ways to go in the painting department!

exhausts wiper gearshift fire exsinguisher and hand brake ready fro paint

Small parts awaiting primer. For small parts I stick them to bluetak(Prestik) to keep them in place while painting.

front and rear lights as well as licence plates ready for paint.

Another great way to hold small parts and they are available from the local dollar store.

R8 body and other parts with primer

Primer applied to the body and a few smaller parts, while others wait for there turn.

rear cowling and lights with primer

Some of the parts after applying Tamiya primer.

left side of Audi R8 LMS body with black paint.

Body after paint, it will eventually be one of the Playstation liveries.

I started off with assembling the interior first. This is a multi part assembly and like building any kit - make sure you dry fit the parts first. Nothing is worse than gluing parts together and finding you either missed a part or have the sequence of assembly wrong.

completed interior of Audi 8 LMS white kit

Starting backwards here is the completed interior with all the part #'s.

After racing these 1/24 Scaleauto cars I have realised that during assembly some parts need to be glued in place as well as having the tabs melted down.

drivers body of white kit

This part on the drivers body needs to be trimmed down in order for the helmet to fit snuggly.

gluing driver and seat to the interior tray

Sorry for the blurry picture, besides working on my painting I have to work on my photography. I placed a liberal dollop of shoegoo where the driver is positioned. This helps secure the driver, seat and interior together.

glue between dash and interior

Shoe gooed the dash assembly to the interior just ensure it is crash proof.

gluing between rear interior and interior tray.

Shoe goo the engine bay and detail to the interior. Make sure you assemble the engine detail first otherwize the mounting pins will be in the way. The line show where the pins line up with the holes in the interior.

Installing rear panel

Rear glass installed in interior behind driver.

Fitting the rear glass can be done before or after part #18 has been installed. Test fitting the parts gave me the correct orientation for this part - the rollcage passes through the opening. Before final assembly I will paint the heat welds black so they aren't noticeable.

Moving onto the body

front tow hook position on R8

Took a while to figure out where this part went and to be honest the molded part is disappointing. The position for the hole is angled to the body but the part is at 90degrees to the mounting tab. The Scaleauto BMW M3 GTR parts are much better.

Front view of Audi R8 lights and grill detail

I took some artistic licence painting the front headlights. You will also notice I didn't take my own advice and test fit all the parts prior to gluing. The eagle eyed reader will notice the the bare metal grill missing from behind the grill.

radiator of audi R8 in position

Melted the mounting tabs for the radiator but it isn't very secure so will put shoe goo in the marked areas.

all the heat weld points on the front of the Audi R8 LMS white kit

Where all the mounting tabs need to be secured. I also recommend using shoe goo before taking this car to the track.

Rear of Audi R8 LMS showing lights and detail

The assembled rear section, if you look closely you can see the bare metal parts in the rear fenders.

Rear interior view of Audi R8 showing heat weld points

Inside view of the rear mounting tabs. In the ones marked not secure, the pins do not pass through the holes in the part so it is very flimsy. Liberal amounts of shoe goo will be needed.

Side panels for Audi R8 with photo etched parts

I used some super glue to fasten these grills in place.

left side of body showing glue placement

I put some shoe goo where the panels get mounted, using just the mounting pins could cause them to come off in a big impact.

right side of body showing fuel filler placement

Mount #44 before fitting the side panels.

Rear wing supports and assembly

Assembling the wing the mounts are super glued in place then melt the mounting pin. Shoe goo will be used to strengthen the wing and mount before racing.

completed front of Audi R8 LMS

Finished front with the grill installed. I shoegood the whole grill in place to support it an accident.

Completed rear of Audi R8 LMS GT3

Finished rear prior to clear coat and fitting the clear parts.

painted Audi R8 GT3 body with rear wing installed

Ready for decals and clear coat.

Part 3 will cover decalling and final race proofing.

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