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Building 1/24 Scaleauto BMW Z4 White kit SC - 7031 - Part 2

Published: July 3, 2013

Building the Scaleauto 1/24 BMW Z4 White kit SC - 7031 - part 2

Second part of building this new kit. Have reached the point where we are ready for decals. This update is the journey to this point.


Z4 046.JPG


I started off by washing the body and all parts to be painted in warm soapy water. After that it was into the paint booth for a coat of primer.


Z4 001.JPG


Here are the front areas that need to be cleaned out for the turning vanes to be installed.


Z4 004.JPG


If I ever need to do another kit that needs these sort of holes cut, I would do it before I put primer on.


Z4 006.JPG

Here is the interior of the boot/trunk that needs to be cut out. Use of a light touch and a sharp blade is advised.


Z4 007.JPG


Top side view before breaking through to the other side - there's a song in there somewhere.


Z4 008.JPG

It's open but needs a bit of cleaning up.



Z4 009.JPG

These are the templates that Tamar posted in the part 1 thread. Very useful they are, but I need to improve on taking my time to do things. I placed them on top of the Tamiya tape and then covered them in masking tape. As I mentioned I need to take more time to get nice clean masks to use, but the ones I made were okay for the first go round.

Z4 011.JPG

I masked off the body in order to paint all the black parts before doing the silver for the main colour.


Z4 015.JPG

I used Play Doh to cover some of the areas that were painted black. If used properly it can give a nice clean edge. If you look at the hood/bonnet you will see the edge is nice and sharp, this was done only using Play Doh and a sharp knife.


Z4 013.JPG

This photo etched part needs to be bent into shape before installing. Be very careful when doing this as it is easy to damage the mesh.


Z4 026.JPG

Cleaned off the paint in order to install the mesh, used super glue to hold it in place.


 Z4 028.JPG


Once the mesh was in place I put a light bead of superglue along the edge and then put baking soda all over it. The baking soda provides a very strong bond - thanks Tamar.

Z4 029.JPG



Here all the excess baking soda has been removed. I then took a flow-able silicone in order to further strengthen the bond and at least give it some flex.  



Z4 034.JPG


One reason to make sure the valance locators are bent in place properly.

Z4 038.JPG


Here is the rear valance along with the tow hook and tail pipes in place.


Z4 020.JPG


 Front photo etched parts are easier to install.

Z4 023.JPG

All the parts push into place nice and easily. With the curve on the lower grill, I used clamps to hold it in place while the glue dried.

Z4 037.JPG



All the parts in place besides the turning vanes, those will be put in after the decals have been applied.

Z4 041.JPG

Next in place are the chassis/body mounting supports that also have the brake cooling ducts mounted into them. Picture makes the paint look as if it isn't correct, however it is more shadow and lighting that gives that appearance.

 Z4 042.JPG

This is the inside view.


Z4 019.JPG

Dash all detailed and ready with the steering wheel. This dash does not accept the steering boss with the light/wiper stalks on it.

Z4 049.JPG

The dash had to be cleaned up in order to fit the "tunnel" properly.

Z4 050.JPG

I have always found the Scaleauto drivers have their arms/hands to close together when it comes to gripping the steering wheel. I decided to apply the tip of my soldering iron to his elbows and bend each arm out.


Z4 051.JPG

I also had to apply the tip to each hand in order to get the steering wheel into his hands.

 Z4 053.JPG


Install the drivers seat and the roll cage, we should be good to go. Although the driver will need some sponsors on his helmet and overalls.


 Z4 045.JPG


Will update when the decals are in place and I have finished all the final touches.








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