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Building the Scaleauto 1/24 BMW Z4 White Kit SC-7031 Conclusion

Published: August 4, 2013

Building the Scaleauto 1/24 BMW Z4 White kit SC - 7031 - conclusion

Finally got around to finishing off the decals and getting this one ready for the track.




This is the livery I chose to do. I regret not taking a picture of the full decal sheet before I started. The decals are amazing, each one is individually printed on the sheet so you don't have to trim them. There are also some provided decals that are not on the instruction sheet.



I did not take as many during shot as I did of the completed car. I figured looking at different stages of the decaling process would be about as interesting as watching paint dry! The hood/bonnet decals should have been trimmed in order to line up with the gap, rather than going over them.



Fortunately it was pointed out to me that these decals are not quite a perfect fit for this particular body. With that in mind I cut the decal into 2 pieces so I could line up the rear portion and the front portion. This created the gap you see above. Gives you an idea of the difference in wheel base for the Fujimi 1/24 Z4 and the Scaleauto Z4.




While going over the decals I found these 2 that were the right colour to fix the gap I had created. I checked the instructions and could find nowhere for them to be used. So it was now a case of finding the right piece that would fit in the gap.


Not quite perfect close up, but it does the job just fine.




The trunk/boot was another area where the decals are shorter than the need to be. In hindsight the changes I suggest would make it look better when finished.



Using the Studio 27 decals gives tons of detail. The Belgium Auto club decal and the white MEC decal are actually separate decals.



I recalled from somewhere that AP Racing were brake manufacturers - at least I hope my memory is correct. These were some of the decals provided but not specified on the instructions.



You can also enhance your car with these decals for the wheels, I assume the arrows were for the wheels as they were provided along with the BBS decals but again not shown in the instructions.



Having these extra decals gave me an idea to paint the centre nut 2 different colours in order to separate left from right. I could further enhance the detail by making the arrows for each side "rotate" in the correct direction. Blue for left side wheels and.....



......Red for right side? WRONG! Those eagled readers will have noticed that I have a red centre on the left instead of blue, that's because.....




.... I forgot to take into consideration that Scaleauto provides us with 2 different sized inserts for front and rear. Short for the front and long for the rear. I can change the colour of the centre nuts, but it is too late for me to change the arrows.


The error with the wheel inserts did make me pay closer to other details like the fact the front headlights are different lengths. The turning vanes at the front are only separated by left and right and appear to be identical.



The rear wing is slightly wider than the decal provided.



Getting the decals on the side to fit was a challenge in it's self. Fortunately with decal softener I was able to get a fairly good result, except for the lip of the wheel arch. The right shade of yellow paint could most probably fix this.



The rear window is another area that could do with some yellow paint. As you can see I cracked the rear glass trying to install the glass. This is the third kit I have built that I have had this happen. The glass does not sit inside the frame, it is in the correct position as far as I can tell.



I painted the rear lenses red, I couldn't find any racing reference photo's that show any different.



I really like this livery and think it should be easy to spot on the track. I do however need to remember to clean the interior of the glass before installing the interior. Can't say I was happy when I noticed the fingerprints inside the glass after I had glued in the interior!



Front left.



Left side.



Left rear.

The right side is pretty much the same. Unfortunately it shows the scars of my impatience!




If you are going to use a "hot" clear coat. Don't think that if it is dry to touch, it cured and ready to work with. The damage you see above was caused while I was trying to install the glass. While I don't expect the livery to stay pristine, I at least wanted it to start it's first race without a scratch.



Nice from far but far from nice. At least I know which are the front and which are the rear inserts.





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