SCX Pit Box Digital System
Published: February 1, 2006

SCX Pit Box Digital System

by Alan Smith

SCX Pit Box Digital System


SCX Pit Box Digital System The new SCX Pit Box Digital System is an exciting new 1/32 scale home slot car racing set that offers many unique new features.

SCX has been producing 1/32 scale slot cars in Spain for many years. For decades, most 1/32 scale slot cars were compatible with any brand of racing set. SCX has made a BOLD statement by coming out with a completely new system. One that not only offers many new and unique features, but also breaks completely away from the traditional slot cars of the previous millennium.

The advent of digital slot car racing has been the hottest new trend, introducing a new technology. While each of the major manufacturers of 1/32 scale slot cars has offered their own approach, SCX has taken their version to the next level. A step so bold is not only showing an aggressive commitment, but potentially a huge risk on their part as well.

For those of us who are current enthusiasts of the hobby, this may certainly be seen as a major drawback. It means that all of our existing 1/32 scale slot cars will NOT be compatible with this new system. Even those of us who have analog race sets will note that it is incompatible with the new digital systems. The frustrating part for the current enthusiasts may be that when they see how much fun this new system actually is, and how cool all the new features and functions are, that it will prove even more frustrating to consider switching over. Clearly, it seems that this new digital race system was NOT designed for us.

SCX Pit Box Digital System This set WAS designed, however, to offer an exciting new range of features to entice many NEW enthusiasts into the hobby. While the advent of digital slot car racing has introduced lane changing and allows more then 2 cars to race on a 2-lane track, the SCX Digital System also includes several other new features that bring it to yet another level.

New features include fuel management, where your car actually runs out of gas and requires a pit stop to refuel - just as in real car racing! It also allows you to personalize your car by programming in the level of fuel and braking, and pit stop stratagy. The digital control panel also offers choices in the race configuration.

These features add an element of versatility and interactivity, to appeal to a new generation that has grown up playing video and computer games.

SCX Pit Box Digital System First impressions, without even opening up the box, is that this is one very impressive job of box design, packaging, and the entire presentation. Not only does the box look good - with it's exciting graphics and enticing catch phrases, but it also does an excellent job of showing you exactly what you are getting. All the features are described, components displayed, and the racing circuit is shown how it really looks - not an artist's interpretation or exaggeration.

When compared to the typical introductory slot car race set, at just under $450 US the SCX Pit Box Digital System may seem pricey by comparison... at least at first glance. But when you actually take into account all of the components included in the set, it is really not expensive at all. This is a COMPLETE racing system, with 3 cars and 3 controllers, and includes borders & barriers, 3 lane change sections, as well as the Pit Box console and fuel management display. EVERYTHING YOU NEED is included in the box.

SCX Pit Box Digital System While everything you need to race up to 3 cars at once is included in the basic Pit Box Digital System, SCX also offers a line of accessories and additional track to further expand and enhance the racing experience, Accessories include an expansion Power Line Digital Central Unit, a Lap Counter, and a Digital Chronometer, plus additional extension modules, all expandable to allow up to 6 cars to race at once.

Another key point - is that all of the components and accessories, fuel monitor, lap counter, and chronometer... LOOK like they BELONG on a real race track. While others may have a high-tech look, these actually look very realistic and add to the realistic look and feel of the entire racing experience.

SCX Pit Box Digital System The entire presentation is excellent, with everything you need either on or in the box, making this a very attractive package. The digital lane changing, fuel management & braking adjustments, race programming, and many other features make the SCX Pit Box Digital System an extremely fun racing set. Excellent for new racers, as the additional elements add a new dimension of fun to model car racing!

Overall impressions of the system - we are very impressed! While it may not convert most existing slot car enthusiasts, we could not help but have fun while trying out the system! Even "veteran" slot car racers would have to admit that the lane changing, fuel management, and fuel and brake adjustment, all add realism and added challenge to the racing.

This exciting new digital racing system from SCX, with so many great features, should introduce and entice many newcomers to enjoy this latest incarnation of our hobby!

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