Life-Like Freeway Showdown HO Race Set
Published: November 25, 2008

Life-Like Freeway Showdown HO Race Set

By Paul Shoemaker



Ho-Ho-Ho...or is that H-O, H-O, H-O???? Life-Like sure thinks so and has introduced the Freeway Showdown to help the Happy Elves up North this holiday season. This twisty-turny track is 38 foot of fast paced action and will have kids and hobbyists on their toes! You will have to watch your competition closely as you navigate around a squeeze track, wiggles and an intersection! As if this wasn’t enough, Life-Like throws in the “Spin-Out Track”! A special section of track that has a car attached and parked on the side of the road, BUT WATCH OUT! As you and your racing buddy cross the built in grandstand, you click a switch. As you continue racing the parked car can suddenly come to life spinning across both lanes of track! Think of it like navigating a mall parking lot at 200 MPH on the Friday after Thanksgiving! WHAM! And your competition T-boned the spin out car you just missed! There’s a lot of track in this set! Right at 38 feet per lap, it takes a bit of skill to navigate and still keep up or stay ahead of the car next to you. But it’s all included in the fun of racing!


So What do you get???

Here’s what comes in the box:

  1. 14 - 9 inch radius 1/4 curves
  2. 1 - 15 inch straight wiggle/skid track
  3. 1 - 9 inch straight terminal track with 2 hard wired Controllers
  4. 2 - 6 inch straight track
  5. 6 - 15 inch straight tracks
  6. 11 - 9 inch straight tracks
  7. 8 - Loop Sections
  8. 2 - Loop Supports (pair)
  9. 1 - 9 inch squeeze track
  10. 1 - 9 inch intersection track
  11. 1 - 9 inch spin-out track and car
  12. 4 - Low Track Supports
  13. 8 - High Track Supports
  14. 14 - White Guard Rails
  15. 1 - Silver Corvette
  16. 1 - Red Corvette
  17. 14 - Flags



The Track

The track is Life-Like snap track. This track was easy to assemble and the electrical connections all worked the first time it was assembled. No dead sections at all. The layout is a twisty-turny design, with two bridge sections, a loop, squeeze, intersection, wiggle and of course the spin-out section. There are plenty of track sections and bridge supports that will allow you to build several layouts.


The layout as designed by Life-Like, spreads out over a 5’9” x 6’9” area. Lots of track in a small area!
The cars are slick versions of the late 90’s early 00’s Corvette body.


The chassis are the familiar Fast Tracker chassis with the narrowed armature area and the pair of neo traction magnets that keep these rockets nailed to the track when you go through the loops. Both cars ran very fast and were equal in performance and consistency. I have the advantage of having a nice set of demographics living in my home. My 9 and 15 year old cover a nice cross-section of the youth market and I’m the old-fogey hobbyist that’s been doing this for years and my wife is the new-comer to the hobby and just learning what these cars can do. All four of us raced and had a good time on this track. The kids were both ecstatic about beating the spin-out car or just missing each other in the intersection. My wife and I had a few passes at trading paint in the wiggle and squeeze track and she could zip through the loops better than I could! The best thing I can say is that this set kept everyone interested! Family racing night has now been established!

The spin-out track is a battery operated (included in the set) device that is activated randomly when the racing cars trip a sensor in the track. The spin-out car then whips around and across both lanes, ready to take out anyone crossing through its path!


Whew! That was a close call!


Just missed me in the intersection!
Who’s in front now?!!!


How’d you pass me???!!!!
Now I have to play Catch-Up!!!!


Still haven’t caught you! Wait, how did you get up there????


The terminal track has the controllers hard-wired and ready to go and a ease of use plug for the power pack.


Both cars are the Fast Tracker chassis design and are equal in performance
and run very well on this challenging layout.


Life-Like has done a great job in squeezing a lot of performance and fun into a set that will appeal to all ages. The layout is easy to assemble and you’ll be off and racing before Rudolph’s nose fades from sight!
This is one set that should be on everyone’s Wish List this holiday season! H O - H O - H O!!!


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