Ninco News January
Published: January 20, 2010

Ninco News January



XLOT Porsche 997 “Jagermeister”

Ref.# 760002

“Jagermeister”… an outstanding, renowned decoration of the Porsche 997, which served as the launch model of the new 1/28 scale XLOT brand. Comes ready to race with the usual XLOT XL-1 motor, belt drive gearing, all metal chassis, fully adjustable mechanical configuration and its 100% customizable settings for any race track.

Price: $159.98


Ferrari F360 ‘El Gaitero’ “Lightning”

Ref.# 50535

A rally car with all the requirements for competition racing: A dominant model in its category N-GT, equipped with a lightened Lexan interior. Includes new tires, chassis, machined motor support, Prorace hubs, V.03 transparent chassis, NC-5 motor, titanium axles and bolts.
Car comes fully assembled.

Price: $89.98


Acura LMP2 (((XM))) (White) “Lightning”

REF. 50541

A real luxury on the track, designed for racing out of the box, and equipped with ProRace material for the most demanding drivers. Powered by the 26,000 RPM, NC-10 “Exceeder” motor, ball bearings, machined motor support, transparent Lexan chassis, titanium axles and bolts and lightened Lexan interior.

Price: $89.98


Motor NC-12 Crusher +

Ref.# 80616

The evolution of a major motor in competition Racing, the NC-6 crusher; The NC-12 Crusher + comes with greater magnetic effect without losing the extraordinary acceleration that racers have come to expect from this kind of motor.
Features: 14.8v / 190mAh / rpm: 23,500 / 270.
Price: $27.98


Chassis ProRace EVO Ford GT
Ref.# 80883

Transparent Lexan injected chassis with machined motor mount. Includes screw to secure motor.
Price: $14.98


Body Shell ProRace EVO Ford GT
Ref.# 80884

Ford GT White Body Shell, completely dismantled, ideal for decoration and customization. Includes all parts and thermo-formed, lighter weight interior for racing.
Price: $32.98


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