Scalextric February News
Published: February 23, 2010

Scalextric February News


Aston Martin


Ref # C3089

Aston Martin's new £160,000 DBS is the closest you'll get to a road-going version of the DBR9 race cars which dominated the GT1 category at the 2007 Le Mans 24 Hours. It's based on the DB9, so it has a V12 engine and a structure built from bonded and riveted aluminium. But whereas the DB9 is the modern grand touring Aston, the DBS is a hard-edged machine for the enthusiast. (

Scalextric Model
Featured is a high detailed interior. DPR comes as standard for easy conversion to Scalextric Digital mode. High detail. Head and tail lights. Magnatraction with alternative magnet positions for driver choice. Quick-change braid plate.

Aston Martin, DBS and the Aston Martin logo are trademarks owned and licensed by Aston Martin Lagonda ©2008 Aston Martin Lagonda.



  • Super Detailed
  • Digital Plug Ready
  • Quick-change Braid
  • Magnatraction
  • Front and rear lights

Dimensions & Configuration:


  • Overall length 145mm
  • Wheelbase 85mm
  • Weight 96gm

Front Axle:

  • Axle width 56mm
  • Tire diameter 21mm
  • Tire Width 9mm

Rear Axle:

  • Axle width 59mm
  • Tire diameter 21mm
  • Tire Width 11mm


  • Rectangular 2.5 mm
  • Downforce 222gm


  • Gear ratio: 11:36
  • Motor: Rear Mounted Sidewinder 2 wheel drive
  • Mabuchi SP 18k

Available: March 2010

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