NSR News May - June
Published: May 25, 2010

NSR News May - June


Renault Clio R3 Montecarlo 2009

Ref. # 1045

Available June 3rd



P68 Alan Mann Limited British Edition green

Ref. #1053

Available June 3rd



And a few words from Salvatore.


"Dear Sirs

I like to explain again and better WHO is NSR

We LOVE slot cars, we try every day to make our best; we aren’t big industry, we are only 14 guys. 2008 year we were 8 guys, 2009 year we were 10 guys, 2010 year we are 14 guys!!
And we need more from September!!

NSR philosophy is simple: NSR produces competition slot cars, they race on tracks, they win around the World, and they are not to be put on display! NSR makes slot cars only to WIN competition! Not to play!

NSR cars are the fastest slot cars in the World “straight out of the box”, with and without magnet (some cars without magnet are absolutely a disaster…)

THIS is our mission, our philosophy, and we try everyday to improve performances of our cars. Our competitors are not Racer, Fly, Slot.it or other Brands… Our competitors are Tracks, Lap Timer, and Race result! We think only about performances!

Our costs are very high and there is an explanation for that: we produce ourselves here in Italy, here in our factory; all NSR employers have regular working-contract, insurance, and we pay tax and royalty to all Companies and Sponsors that give us licence since we fully respect the law.

To assure you I like to remark that I WANT to continue my dream making slotcars for all the rest of my life ?

I just completed to build MY complete new factory; we moved in April to big and nice place, very comfortable and high-tech made; it is 1.100 square meters, the walls are totally padded, all the rooms where my fellow workers prepare cars have controlled temperature by Mitsubishi power inverter.

I have photovoltaic panels on top of the roof to produce myself green power energy (about 100.000 KW in 1 year) to satisfy our power need.

I will install the 2nd press machine to produce separately only rubber tyres, 1 new machine to make tampos, 1 machine to produce small Lexan blisters (for all the spare parts). All this to let us “fly” to higher targets.

Last march I signed new big contract with my biggest supplier to realize 7 (SEVEN!!) new cars during 2010-2012 3 years!! It means that now we have 8 cars (Ford GT40 included), and in 2 years we will have 15 cars!!! We are making new hi-tech Rally car to enter strong in SuperN Rally Class, we are making new GT car to try to beat NSR Mosler, still the fastest GT car in the world after 5 years!! We have a lot of work to do!

We just updated old and bad website adding “YouTube NSR video”, where you can look video about new cars.

We are working to organize WRE 24h 2011, European 500 Abarth Trophy 2010-2011, National Clio CUP 2010-2011, SCX-NSR Rally Championship, and more and more important things. Catalogue will be finally ready in AUGUST 2010, so we will send you 1st September; big work! Before Xmas you will receive CDR including pics and video of new NSR Factory!

This to explain that we are always very small Company but we are growing more and more. We ask for great cooperation together our Distributors to push every day NSR brand!

Salvatore Noviello"



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