Ninco News September
Published: July 29, 2010

Ninco News September




Audi R8 GT3 "ACM"

Ref. # 50554

New for 2010, first ever R8 for NINCO, Comes with NC-5 “Speeder” motor and standard mechanical setup.

Price: $69.98



Audi R8 GT3 "Test Car" Lightened

Ref. # 50555

The 2nd livery of the fabulous Audi R8 is a lightened version with Lexan interior and motor mount chassis, plus the hot, 23,500 rpm NC-12 “Crusher+” motor.

Price: $79.98



Jaguar XK-120 "Alpes Rally"

Ref. #50566

Jaguar XK-120. One of the best post WWII Sports cars, a British icon of the era, is carefully reproduced for the NINCO Classic Car Collector. In NINCO classic fashion, #618 is beautifully clearcoated and detailed and includes convertible top, driver and navigator and trunk mounted spare tire.

Price: $79.98



McLaren F1 GTR "Art Car" Vintage

Ref. #50568


A new range of cars in the NINCO family, the VINTAGE range offers mythical models with up-to-date mechanical attributes. The first to be released in this range is the ever popular, and best selling McLaren F1 GTR, in a magnificent Art Car paint scheme!

Price: $84.98


Racing Components


Removable ProRace Motor Mount

Includes 2 x screws for mounting the motor to NINCO Prorace, angle-winder motor-mount Chassis’.

Price: $9.50


ProRace Chassis for Motor Mount


Megane - 80890
Price: $16.98

Ford GT - 80891
Price: $16.98

Lamborghini Murcielago - 80892
Price: $16.98

Audi R8 - 80895
Price: $16.98


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