Scalextric App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Published: December 15, 2010

Scalextric App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Customise your track, personalise your car and terrorise your opposition on the new official Scalextric racing application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The Scalextric track creator allows you to build your very own fun, fast and challenging circuit by choosing from a selection of Scalextric track pieces and assembling new and exciting circuits!

You can race against an opponent or simply beat your PB on a time trial. The app, which costs just 59p on the iTunes App store, lets you play on pre-loaded tracks or mix it up with your own track designs.


  • Design and Race your own circuit
  • Race online against players world-wide with GameCentre
  • Choose from a variety of cars and select your preferred design
  • Download extra tracks and compete against players world-wide!
  • Full throttle action - take a corner too fast and fly off the track!


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