AFX Thunderloop Chaser Race Set
Published: February 24, 2011

AFX Thunderloop Chaser Race Set

by Paul Shoemaker



Let’s take a look at something different from our friends at Tomy AFX. The Thunderloop Chaser set is a combination stunt ride and police chase all rolled into one. With 31 feet of track, there’s plenty of chances to get-a-way or get caught! This set was originally slated to be an Australian only release, but some will find their way to US shores this year. Like all 2011 Tomy AFX sets, this one also comes with the Tri-Power power pack, so you can adjust the output from expert to intermediate to beginner.

Let’s take a look at the track. AFX designed a challenging road course that covers a 6 foot 6 inch by 3 foot 7 inch area with 31 feet of lap action. The track design incorporates 3 height levels of racing and a wicked 2-lane loop to keep you challenged if you are the chaser or the chas-ee. The set comes complete with guard rails (orange), controllers, bridge supports and all the cool stuff to make a race and chase showdown.


The cars are a unique items to this set. Both are Mega-G 1.5 chassis. You get a Crown Victoria police interceptor and a Monte Carlo get-a-way car. The set also comes with a spare parts pack so you can race a bit longer!

The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.


A familiar, flashy paint scheme for the Monte Carlo get-a-way car.


Through the loops and over and under the bridges. It’s starting to get a bit difficult to determine who is chasing who.


And around one more time. Now I gotcha. Pull over Bub.


And for the collectors, this set has a variation of an older Super G+ paint scheme. Since this was originally slated for Australian markets only, this is a opportunity to get something somewhat unique. The set car does not include the #22 on the roof and doors and the sponsor logos from the front fender and trunk lid are also missing. Definitely eye catching setting next to each other.

The Thunderloop Chaser set is fun to race and is a favorite of the kids with the loop being added to the mix. Lots of hot chasing action to keep you and kids busy on a frosty afternoon.


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