Images of the next releases from Arrow.
Published: July 4, 2013

Just received a few images from Arrow for their next 2 1:32 scale cars.

Ref.: AR-1001D
S7-R LeMans 2010 num.50

Arrow Saleen S7-R

Ref.: AR-1002A
V12 LMR Sebring 1999 Winner with the RT-3 Chassis  LWB In-Line

Arrow BMW V12 LMR Sebring 1999

Here are a few more images, first the Saleen, which now comes with clear plastic windows and headlight lenses.

Arrow Saleen S7-R

This car comes with the latest Arrow chassis, fitted with Scaleauto motor, angle winder pod, wheels and tires.

Here are a few more images of the Arrow BMW LMR. This car features the Scaleauto RT-3 adjustable chassis as fitted to the Scaleauto Honda and BMW. This chassis come in an in-line motor configuration for this release.




More news on these 2 cars soon.

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