Slot Car Illustrated rebuild and problems with log in.
Published: March 15, 2019

 Please do not log in on this Front Page.

Click on the Forum Button above this article or here: then you will be re-directed to the NEW SCI. Log in in the top right hand corner at that Site. Please check the remember me Radio button.

As we continue the rebuild process we are seeing issues with log in and web addresses as more of the old SCI is recovered.

Right now we recommend you log in with this address

This will take you to the New SCI Forum Site.

The address here will for the time being be but will change once we get the Historic Site back online for viewing only.

More work going on in the next coming weeks and Months as we try to get https to work correctly with the Site. We did switch it on for a while today but it caused issues with our re-directs and blocked log in so off again right now. 

The Site is secure but we hope to get the SSL Cert activated without problems to make more readers comfortable with the Site.

We are working on this every day.

Thank you

Alan Smith