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    avant slot ,

    so , i have now purchased a used car , complete rtr chassis , and a new body kit . quite frankly , very interesting .

    i only have about twenty laps on the used car . the rtr chassis has replaced the chassis that arrived on the used car . it (the used chassis) was set-up way too stiff for plastic track as the former owner raced on mdf . the body is ready and in a box to get new paint .

    the new body kit arrived and shed a lot of light on several questions i had specifically about these cars .

    the guide that came on the used car was not complete but , i didn`t know that . the guide that came with the kit made that clear .

    the differnt pods i have experienced , tell several storys . the most profound is , mdf guys race really different than plastic guys .

    the used chassis was from a red racin` version and had a metal pod . the way the set screws held in the bearings was a little wider than the chassis and allowed the former owner to use no mount screws for the rear of the pod , because the bearing screws were wide enough to interfer wth pod movement .

    now i understand the difference and have made my two cars of the abs/nylon/plastic pod variety which lends itself to my style of tunin` for plastic track .

    the build got so far tonight to install the leaf springs and set screws . i also set the rear axle bushings and got the screws into the motor . the guide with screw is also inplace .

    tomorrow after work it will continue .


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    Using the Mark 2 metal pod.

    Here to use the Mark 2 version of the metal pod, we either file a little of the chassis where the bearing retaining screws hit the chassis or remove those screws altogether and lightly loctite in the bearings.
    We run with pod movement on rubber tires but run tight with sponge tires as they provide the damping needed for good handling.

    I had hoped to chat with you to help with set up. But let us know what works on your track, everyone's set up is going to be a little different.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      alan ,

      thanks . i still will call you . maybe if the rolex action gets , "napcar boring" i`ll find my way to the telephone . i sold the chassis and pod that came with the car . so it went to a good home . i figured i would have had to dremmel just a tiny bit to clear the screws but i was hesitant to alter it . it would take the car out of most of the proxxys i`ve read about . have your phone on over the upcomin` weekend ,



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        and ,

        so , i have continued my kit build . i have several of the bits painted and ready to install . my phone call to alan will wait for him to return to conus . don`t want to bother him while he`s in germany . very nice photos by the way . certainly salvatore was pullin` your chain . so sad some here got their knickers in a bundle .
        the kit came with about six little bits that are not parts . not sure how to type that differently . anyhow , four little eyelash lookin` parts that have nothin` to do with the car . at least not that i can see . these guys as well as should consider a page of distructions . or at best supply a page on-line that shows where each part goes . surely i know where the driver and wing attach but some of the little bits are not "self-explanitory" . oh . on either side of the cockpit there is a pin-hole for something but pictures of actual cars show no part stickin`up/out at that point on the real car . and , the kit came minus one antenna as the real car has two . goin` well otherwise as the quality of this body is right up there with any i have built now . very lite weight and very crisp lines . overall very satisfied . now if i can just find the decals i want .



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          so ,

          everything is goin` `cordin` to plan . the audi is home from the bodyshop . great two-tone red (factory redracin` paint) over cream (on the sides only) , and the livery will be olive garden #0 . i also acquired a second audi body . it is the tdi shell v-power #1 . the tow loop is broke but otherwise stock . put new mirrors on and it could be new .

          the pescarolo leaves tomorrow for the body shop and it will get a white over argent (dark chevy silver used on wheels) . it will get an all pro auto parts livery . the little eyelash parts are gonna be used like kinards on the front and the two little pin lookin` parts are gonna be placed in the holes on the sides even though i can`t seem to find a picture of the car with that part anywhere . for a secnd antenna i will use a paint brush hair to fashion it .

          these cars do present a problem here at "northernlights raceway" . they are a bit too long front to back . i have several elevation changes and these cars de-slot as i try to climb my cork screw . so watch the bst thread if your lookin` for nice used avant slots .

          both have 16.5 avant slot aluminum rears and the stock three piece plastic wheels on the front . audi has super tyres yellow dog eurathanes and the pescarolo has f 22`s . one car has a 26th crowne and the other 27th .

          again i find myself lookin` for gt cars over lmps .



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            for sale

            yup , they are great cars . would likely be absolutely awesome if`n i had a big commercial track or a lap of over fifty feet . can`t begin to get all these cars have to offer here at northernlights raceway . askin` very reasonable prices for both .



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              very cool . and , on my birthday . traded the avantslots to alan . he says he`ll get lots of mileage usin` them as rentals at the store . sweet !



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                Sorry these did not work out for you, they are some of my favorites.


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                  elpic ,

                  well some cars work and some don`t . i realize that my tracks dislike for long wheelbase cars is my fault . if my track was flat i`am sure these would be stayin` . instead i won`t flatten my layout just so a few cars do better . i really wanted to keep the ninco gt`s i had , lightning lambos/ford gt . they are also too long and very ridgid . another problem my track has due to the elevation changes . if the car is too ridgid it has a tendency to deslot . need the chassis to flex here and twist as necessary . so , next i`d really like to try the sacleauto ralley cars . we`ll see . . . . . . .

                  jer , onward and upward !


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                    Given your observations about how different the chassis setup was when you received the car and the changes you made for it to work on plastic, i have to ask... was the car a successful racer on wood? Did the previous owner get rid of it because he couldn't make it competitive; maybe because he had the wrong setup?


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                      good ? but , one i didn`t ask . if i remember correctly , he felt it had reached it`s life expectency . don`t recall what he replaced it with . i also believe his race group changed up the classes . i liked it . just way more car than my track can appreciate , as i said befor . i am currently involved with a proxxy where there are several board tracks . first experience for me . the car i sent last year was very ridgid . wire supports and braces . also quite heavy as it earned a nickname of tank . this season i`am gonna soften up a bit . maybe my lack of flex made the car less responsive . we`ll see .