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  • Specs on Avant Slots

    Where can I find the specs of individual Avant slot cars. I am looking for stock specs such as wheel size, motors, gear ratios, etc. I am specifically looking for info on the Porsche Spyder (50602) and the Mirage GR8 (15203)


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    I think that info is out on the web.
    Have you tried their online catalog?

    A picture is worth a thousand words, (dude I just opened this NIB car from my shelf lol - but its okay)

    10T Pinion (if I counted correctly - I think I did)
    Red gear and green motor.

    Wheels are all the same on all the A/S cars. I hope this helps.


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      Was reallly looking for the SPECS as the website is down. Have had trouble finding the information on the web as no one lists the pinions/gears and the wheel size as well as motor RPM/torque. I appreciate your help though!


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        Pm your email. I think I have saved their catalogs in pdf.


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          Specs on Avant Slots

          Thanks Cesar for the catalog. The only issue is that it does not give the gears (pinion/crown/sw) and the size of the wheels in the catalog. If anyone is out there I need the specs for the Avant Mirage # 15203 and the Avant Porsche Spyder # 50602.

          Help appreciated!


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            Porsche Spyder motor - Avant Slot Hunter "green" (FK-180) [20,270 RPM/12v] 25,000 RPM/14.8v
            [308 gcm/12v] 380 gcm/14.8v, 15.6W/12v, 11 gr. magnetic downforce.

            Mirage GR8 motor - Avant Slot Hurricane "orange" (FK-180) [21,892 RPM/12v] 27,000 RPM/14.8v; tested 23,751 RPM/12v

            Porsche spyder is geared 10/26.

            Avant Mirage has a 10z pinion / 27z spur.

            Wheel and tire sizes I could not tell you.


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              I thought it indicated motor rpms and what color gear wad in terms of teeth.


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                Thanks Joe that was helpful... Now I just need to know the stock rear wheel sizes for the Avante Porsche Spyder and the Avant Mirage....


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                  Bump...anyone know the size of the wheels?


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                    I will have to confirm, but I believe that the Mirage is the Avant 15mm dia. wheel and the Porsche is the 16mm dia. wheel. I will be starting prototyping and developing rules for a future race series based on the Avant cars shortly so I will be documenting the stock configurations of the cars.

                    Bob K.


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                      Mirage has 20102 'Hurricane' motor 22.000rpm & 308 g/cm torques @ 12 volts, gearing is 10 x 27 AV20646 /AV20621, wheels are plastic front 14.4 x 7.6mm and aluminum rear 15.6 x 10mm close as we can can get for replacements is Slot.It SIPA33-Als wheels for fronts and Scaleauto SC-4032F for the rears.

                      The 'standard' inline motored Porsche has AV20101 'Hunter' motor 20,200 rpm & 308 g/cm torque @ 12 volts, gearing is 10 x 26 AV20646 /AV20603, wheels are plastic front 16.75 x 9.25mm and plastic rear 16.75 x 10.2mm.

                      The #6 Porsche has also been released in at least two 'Dani Orozco' editions which had upgraded motors & motorpods and upgraded wheels front & rear, one of those was inline and used all then current AvantSlot parts AV50699 the other more recent Orozco car was anglewinder and used the now current green chassis w/aluminum motorpod and a Slot.It Flat6 motor.


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                        Thanks Lotus74 and !!!!


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                          I picked up the Porsche 911S from Pendleslot and it is well made, as usual. The front wheels are tiny and the tires are worthless. The rear wheels are narrow for the area under the body and the torque-monster motor. The metal pod is flawless and functions perfectly without modification. The paper thin white styrene body is perfect and flawless. The interior is an .001 black vacuform with two drivers heads. I am tuning it for wood track racing. I have high hopes for this runner and I'll document the changes I'll make.


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                            So far, all looks good. The car is handling well with added weight. The body is very noisy. I added a few spots of goop to keep the interior from rattling. It helped but it is still noisy. I added larger NSR tires and wheels to calm down the fishtailing. The torquey motor is good but for my taste, I prefer the Flat 6R style motor for response and brakes.


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                              I have a Complete Avant Slot Rolling Chassis for sale on Panjo.
                              It's brand new, I only wanted the body.
                              No reasonable offer refused.