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New BRM Mini Cars in stock at the ScaleRacing Center in Tacoma WA.

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    But wait, there's more!

    Ready to fit a Carrera Digital chip.
    That is quite interesting...



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      Allan this could be the perfect new proxy car. Not too big and it's new to most and may even out the field a little. I'm in if you do a proxy


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        Very interested and these run on 1:32 scale Track

        Good idea, would racers want the white kit or decorated. These are done in limited numbers but I can chat with BRM to see availability.
        We have stock here of most of the both NSU and the Simca.

        So lets see the response, who would be interested?

        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          I would put out a 'feeler' in the Proxy Race section.

          Then you just have to find someone with the time, energy and enthusiasm to run the series.


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            BRM racing info and discussion feels right here.

            While the Proxy Forum is a place to discuss Proxy Racing, and a good one at that, I feel a Specialised Event such as a BRM Mini Cars Proxy Race is a great subject here in the BRM Forum.

            I am very interested in making this happen if anyone is interested.

            We could have a Camber and Straight axle class.

            Camber class would be close to stock with BRM rubber tires.

            Straight axle class could run the hop up motor and sponge rear tires from BRM.

            We would run the first race here at the ScaleRacing Center in Tacoma WA.
            Also the Final Race would be here.

            We will put out feelers for Tracks that support this, remember these car run on 3" lane spacing

            Reply here and at [email protected]

            Also on our Facebook page for the ScaleRacing Center
            Alan Smith
            SCI Owner.