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24 Hours of Tacoma 2017 a racers report.

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  • 24 Hours of Tacoma 2017 a racers report.

    It is friday afternoon and all hopes are high. The team is coming together. The lights are installed and they work. Front axle height set, screws blue loctite, spares for the race checked and ohh fingers crossed we might just be ahead of the curve. Every expert has been listened too, the car has gone from tippy at the point of departure to a more forgiving set up, able to crank 6.8s at max effort and 7.0 - 7.2 with ease. Darren gave his input, Alan too. Both duly listened too and added to the car. A late suspension tweak to allow a tiny weeny bit of movement has made the car more forgiving at the limit. Might try another half turn. It looks good, back to impound and off to lunch.

    It is that air of hope, expectation and tension before practice starts. A lovely anticipation before what will come and undoubtably become a pure endurance epic with little fun on the way only to have that exuberance on finishing. I just hope we are on the pace and have a race with a car on the track. It does not have to be near the front, I want a close race against another team for real fun.

    The first take on the new metal chassis for the 911 and Mclaren are wow, some real engineering has gone in here. The suspension has three adjustments to it and truth to tell not sure i understand it all just yet. They are heavy cars so any off can be a very loud thud in the barrier. Something to watch out for in the race. A rider could lead to a very heavy and car damaging accident. The Macca seems a whisper faster, it is narrower in track, the porker easier to drive at the limit, but a touch slower.

    Braid wear and tyre wear are to be determined in race conditions. It is a troubling balance to strike. The track braid is slightly recessed, but not by much. So on the set up block there is a need to have the tyres off the block to allow for the recesses of the track braid. Too much weight on the braids and they wear too fast, and the front seems to catch an edge of the tyre. Too little and well you get the gist of it all.

    any way off to the races.

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    Thanks for that Daniel, particularly the description of atmosphere.

    Best of luck, eh?


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      Final tech of the car, motor change for parity between all cars. The motors have been dyno checked to remove the weak one and strong ones. Re assemble the car and forget the red lactate on the motor mounting plates, hope that won't come back to haunt us.

      Qualifying, there is one minute to hit the best time and the track is in reverse, We do our best and get down to 7.5. In the other direction we got down to 6.8 with the first motor.

      The results of qualifying are in. The fastest was I think 7.1, then two cars at 7.3 then four at 7.5, including us and then one more just behind. So all to play for, less accidents, when will the braids need a change, will the gear stand up to 24 hours, will that d+++++ lactate come back to haunt us. How will the tyres fair? We are on new braid and new tyres for the race so........

      The drivers briefing is in forty minutes, all to look forward to. now a breakfast for champions, unfortunately not James Hunt one!


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        And then there is the after effects. Close and no cigar. Too many crashes that damaged the car, too much pit time miss diagnosing the problem and then braid changes and some how we stayed a happy team, which is a great credit to tylor. First time participant in the 24 and an all round good guy.

        As to the race CANam won with some ease(200laps?). Darren Morris a repeat winner, He got the car prep just right and in the race the balance between speed and deslots right. Well done a deserved win. Perhaps not the fastest car on the track but the least offs. True endurance racing. STP and PSSRA were faster but to win as the saying goes first you must finish. They were playing catch up after early troubles and did not quite get there at the end. Perhaps another day.....Special mention to Oregon Donors who were in with a shout only to have a light board fail ten minutes into the first heat in the dark. Thirty minutes latter after some nifty pit work they were back running but any chance in the race was long gone. Very frustrating and great to continue in the race when lesser men might have called it quits. Team Solid and EMSA were good runners. But second went to Scaleracing Allstars some 200 laps behind Darren. The drivers of the winners and second place were interchangeable. Boy they put some track time in!!!

        The cars as ever were the stars. These BRM metal chased Porsche GT1's and Maclaren M1's run great and can they take a beating! Great fun and now time to rest for next year.....


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          Sad that there was so little coverage of race

          I know Alan is working on getting the TransAM cars built but usually there is more coverage about the race and photos. I don't understand what you are saying about metal chassis Porsche and McLaren?
          They have always had metal chassis. Are these new in any way? ~Ron


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            The chassis has been revised. Gone is the old pod within a metal chassis and it is replaced with a sprung suspension metal plate that mounts the rear axle and the motor. It works just fine and may be a bit over engineered for the task. Safety in that mind. This is a completely new metal chassis design. The guide is sprung too replacing the "roller" guide. We did not run an old style car for comparison so no idea how the two compare.


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              The 4th Annual 24 Hours of Tacoma thread is in News and Reviews.


              Trying to juggle everything so only updated to Thursday as of now.

              More as soon as I can and on Facebook.


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