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BRM NSU negative camber

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  • BRM NSU negative camber

    I ran my BRM NSU mini tonight right out of the box and noticed it was very sluggish and at times would not even move. I removed the body and examined the rear end and oiled and greased the pinion. I loosened the camber and it ran a lot better though the left rear wheel seemed to have some wobble when I rotated the rear end. this is my first experience with this type of set up and was wondering if anybody had any ideas or knowledge with negative camber rear ends. I am running the car on old SCX classic 1/32 track. The car handles well but I'm not sure if I did the right steps or if more needs to be done.

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    I have the Simca white kit and am working on the body at the moment. I have noticed BRM axles are not always the same exact diameter on each end. I take the axle and chuck it into a drill and get some 150 sand paper. I sand the area where the bearing fits on the axle until it spins freely. I noticed the tires are not exactly round so I plan on truing them.