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Penske Camero at Pelican Park Speedway

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  • Penske Camero at Pelican Park Speedway

    With our very smooth track surface (MDF w/6 coats of boat deck paint) Pro-Track tires work quite
    well. As a sharp eye can see I've lowered the car and added detail to the driver figure.

    This is my second BRM car, the other is the '71 Penske Ferrari 512M which uses a completely different
    chassis. The Camero's better-especially through our many corners.

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    It is a beautiful car. What did you do to lower it?



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      CD, thanks for the compliment. BRM and Alan are presenting a splendid line of 1/24th RTR's. There are huge offerings of attractive, accurately modeled 1/32's, so now having some for the larger scale is most welcome.

      New out of the box the model sits high. To lower it carefully and slightly tweaked the chassis just forward of the motor which lowered the rear, replaced the guide assembly with a longer tongue and a JK standard guide shoe, then ground off a few thousandths off the front tire diameters all which helped lower the front chassis. Shaved off a few thousandths from the mounting posts to lower the body onto the chassis. Because the chassis now rides lower, about .55 front, .60 rear, I used a small diameter plastic tubing to replicate the exhaust pipes. To clear the Pro-Track rear tires from scraping the inside of the rear fenders I had to ever so slightly narrow the rear wheel track.

      May notice from the side photos the roll cage assembly is not as apparent; I re-glued the roll cage flush with the roof inside for more modeling accuracy, though i didn't sand thin the roof- didn't go that far with that Penske innovation! May use some N scale letter decals to place on the roof that will spell: "No Push."
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        Thanks for the detailed answer.