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  • Revoslot Comparision

    Has anyone worked on the new Revoslot Marcos? How does it compare to the Porsche? Assuming that one can swap for the 3/32 axle on the Marcos, correct?

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    Revo Slot Marcos and Porsche

    The Revo Slot Marcos weight is identical to the Porsche. Wheel base a hair longer but guide lead length the same by eye.
    Width of axles the same.

    We did have SC-1329 bearing from Scaleauto to convert to 3/32" axles but unfortunately they were packaged wrong so out of stock till they can sort out the error.

    Performance 25 laps on my Wooden Track stock tires untrued average lap time 10.133 Fast Lap 9.879.

    Will test a Porsche later, but we ran GT Cars last night fastest lap 9.969 best average same lane was 10.123. This was the angle winder GT cars Mclaren, F40, R390 with Shore 22 tires ( softer than Revo Slot )

    So a fast car, and fun to run.

    Porsche tested same lane with lowered front tires, deep guide and well broken in.

    Best Lap Time 9.792 average 10.786 (1 crash)

    Back to the Marcos still on stock tires untrued and shallow stock guide:

    9.695 best lap 9.928 average.

    Then the Porsche again:

    9.792 Best Lap 9.924 average.

    Find them in stock here:
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      always a pleasure Alan. thank you!
      I will continue to check back on the SC-1329 bearings from Scaleauto to convert to 3/32" axles.


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        Got my Marcos yesterday, checked it over and swapped out the standard guide for the deeper guide that was supplied. Glued up the front tires and trued them up. Turned my attention the rears and found that there were two different tires on it. One was the normal tire that I got on the Porsche, but the other one was a bit "fatter" than the other. Seemed to be the same compound and stuck to the hub, so no glue here. Proceeded to try to true up the tires and they didn't really like being sanded on my Razor. They didn't produce any dust, but started to act like they were melting and spitting gooey "worms" like some SCX tires were known for. Got them trued up and tried cleaning them with lighter fluid. They did get smoother, but didn't give off any black rubber residue. Not sure what they are made of, but they don't seem to be the same compound as the Porsche. Going to give it a run tomorrow at the club, have some Super Tires waiting in the wings if needed.



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          Hey Buster,

          How did it work out?


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            So far, so good. Still have the Super tires waiting in the wings. I might get another set of rear wheels and mount the ST up and swap back & forth. With the OEM tires I am just rolling them over tape to clean up, they do pick up trash pretty easy, but still grip.