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    This is my first 1/24 scale car. I chose the Mini series since I can use my track and also since I really like the collection of mini racers that BRM is doing for this series. First impression was this car needs a fair amount of time to get it to run smooth from the box, not really a big deal, but time and tinkering and lubrication. I final go the chassis to run really well on the track. I run on Ninco so the stock tires are super grippy on my track. However I would like to get the gear mesh quieter. I can't seem to get this to smooth out regardless of what I try. So first off where do I get spare gears to experiment with.

    Next I got the gear fairly tuned to run but when I put the body back in place it was a loud mess once again. I have little experience with this brand and would welcome all suggestions to quite this wonderful series down. I would like to get additional mates for the car but at this price I want to know that there is a way to get these to run a bit smoother (quieter) then they are currently running. I guess running and tuning slot-its is not a fair comparison since those cars can get whisper quiet! That is what I have most of.

    Thanks and have fun!

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    I am hearing the car runs quiet with the body off, but a rattle can / buzz box when the body is on
    Might be there is something loose in the body? Some times the heat crimping of the parts to the body/under tray can be over or under applied leading to the part eg roll bar for example being loose and rattling, for example. Perhaps the tray for the driver or the windows In the car body shell. Shake the body on its own in hand and see if the noise is there. Then just try different bits to see if there is movement that can be identified and localised.

    Then with great care especially for windows use shoe glue or a heat from a soldering iron to relocate the loose item. It is very easy in haste to totally ruin the windscreen with excessive glue or another favorite of mine in days gone by is to get the loose part secure only to find I caught the side of the soldering iron on a wheel arch, creating a new funky design.


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      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give that a try tonight and see if that is the problem. What about gear mesh? I almost have a good mesh but it is off still and took a bit of tweaking to get I where it is now. Or is there a better set of gears to use? Again any suggestions welcome.

      Thank you


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        So basically the noise is not the body. It's seems to be mainly the gear mesh and then it amplified when the body is on the chassis. So if anyone has any suggestions for small track 60' gearing and what type of gears mesh best I'd like to hear. (that work on BRM)
        Thank you


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          noise from BRM car

          Hi, I haven't purchased the mini 1/24 BRM car yet but I do have the 1/32 Revoslot car which has BRM parts and a similar chassis of metal frame and metal float frame. The revoslot doesn't have the camber rear but I don't think that is the cause of the noise on track. Here is my experience and thought on the noise.
          First BRM and Revoslot gears are noisy and they never get as quiet as That said I think the noise is from the two metal chassis plates hitting each other. Try some tape under the chassis where the 4 connecting bolts are and run the car. It seems to quiet my Revo's. If that helps you could try putting tape between the two chassis plates.


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            That was my next step. I was also hoping to get the gears to mesh better as well.

            Thank you very much for sharing that information.


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              Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the BRM cars, I have at least 2 of each class.
              I've just purchased a Gordini mini car, and although the car is great, the rear end left a lot to be desired.
              The track width was 1 mm narrower on the non gear side when measured from the edge of the chassis to the outside of the wheel. And could be seen by the way the wheels sat in the wheel arches.
              On the gear side there is no spacers, so the non gear side needed a 1 mm spacer added to even things up.
              I found the same issue with the TransAm cars, but not a big issue as far as I'm concerned.
              Now, this might be the reason for your noisy gear mesh, the pinion on mine is wonky, so the mesh opens and closes as it rotates.
              I'll be changing to a brass pinion, but I've noticed that it will have to hang off the end of the motor shaft to meet up with the spur.
              Another reason may be that, because of the camber, the gears won't mesh correctly, but a mate has has a few of these cars as track cars, and they are getting quieter the more use they get, and he has done nothing to them other than taking them out of the box.

              One thing that did disappoint me was the bushed front axle, for the money these little beauties cost, bearings should have been fitted.
              But that won't stop me buying more mini cars, and at $5 for 10 bearings on EvilBay, it's a cheap fix.


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                1. the Revo has a brass pinion, on the first batch it was very noisy. the BRM/TTS cars has a nylon pinion.

                2. Yes it is correct that the cars is very noisy in the gear, they are very difficult to get silence but it happens sometimes, I have 15 cars and there are big difference on them. I do have some of the oldest cars almost noise free.

                3. make sure that the body isn't to tight to the chassis, loosen the screws a bit and a lot of noise is then catch in the rubber between chassis and body.

                if anyone find the solution to get 0 noise from the gears I would like to know

                @ESPSIX, I did try with different cheap ball bearing and comparing times, there are no difference on any of my tracks, and as far as I know the brass bearing are living longer than the ball bearings.
                Yes if i use expensive ball bearings i can see the difference, but 10 euro is too much for such a small difference IMO.


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                  Quieter Revoslot

                  My Revo slot was noisy and I replaced the pinion with a Slot it ergal pinion with the same number of teeth and it is quieter and smoother.


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                    An old trick to quieting gears is to run the car for a few minutes with the teeth coated in toothpaste - the white type, not gel. Toothpaste is mildly abrasive and helps the gears run in.

                    When done, wash it off with water.