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    The BRM product line rocks. Got a bushel of the BRM 1:24 scaled cars and they are beauts

    Say - why don't you carry BRM tail lights (accessories) - Scratch builders like me would surely appreciate it. And we'd certainly buy them in bulk. Of course racers always lose them on the track so having spares would really help. I know how many times I've found myself crawling around on the floor looking for those suckers. Losing clear lenses really sucks. You end up finding by them as they crunch underfoot.

    -68Deville aka 68Caddy

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    I carry everything that is offered.

    If BRM list tail lights I will import them.

    At this time they are not offered so I can not do that.

    I am sure Francesco will respond regarding this issue, and if an item number is created I will order them.

    Thanks for the advise, it is always good to hear from people using these great cars.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the quick response.

      I notice that the BRM website shows various sizes of the tail lights from 1mm up. Trust me, if you carry them, I'd buy um.

      I'd like to add - love those BRM wheels. They do great work. However I (and others) would appreciate an expansion of the line to include more styles and sizes. I'm hoping Santa (Francesco) has some great surprises waiting for us to really make the upcoming holidays.

      -68Deville aka 68Caddy


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        If you mean the 962 tail lights, they are rather basic square things... if I had a BRM kit in hand I could tell you if they were similar to Hasegawa or Tamiya.

        Hasegawa had a tree of 1/24 "lenses" available some time back. Perhaps you could find it?

        Tamiya is extremely good about providing parts from their kits... perhaps that would be an alternative?
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          Hi to all!

          Tail lights like spares are not in our catalogue, because we have not previewed the possibility to miss them... Now I will speak with our Production, just to see what we can do. At the present time, tail lights are present in the Unpainted Body set.

          Thanks for the advise, we are pride to read about people using (and enjoying themselves...) with our Fantastic Cars!!!

          Francesco from BRM