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BRM set up for Carrera

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  • BRM set up for Carrera

    Has anybody come up with a strong set up for Carrera track? I runs great but looking to get a little more.


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    We have run on NINCO with Shore 30 tires.

    Carrera with the Shore 15's, once rubber builds up grip is very good.

    Sure there can be improvements with other compound tires, but if all cars are set up the same the racing is competitive and fair.

    Start a tire war and who knows where you will end up.

    I have tested Silicones and some work OK, but nothing gives grip like Silicone coated Foam, but those are right now for 1/8" axle.

    Working on another tire but if all run a "Spec" tire the racing is great.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Thanks Alan. What about weight? Has anybody played with adding weight?



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        We are running STOCK.

        Hi Bruce,

        Like the NINCO World Cup we are developing a Series which will be promoted next year.

        With regional races at Stocking BRM Dealers across America ending in a National Championship in Chicago.

        These cars will all be run "STOCK" no mod's no tricks.

        No weight removed or added.

        Using only standard BRM parts.

        So we have not been testing with added weight.

        I am sure, as with tires and motor changes, you can make these faster cars.

        Personally I see the Beauty of BRM is that we can build a part of Model Car Racing that is all about the Drivers and the Beauty of the cars not a Series designed and built around spending lot's of money tuning.

        We will only allow the parts as supplied in the BRM kits, so gear change will be allowed for individual tuning.

        The only not stock in the box part will be rear tires where we will probably use the Shore 15's on Carrera and Wood, and Shore 30's on NINCO.

        All cars will run the same spec including tires.

        This should be a fun Championship.

        There is a plan to run an International Final in the works.

        More news soon.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Alan you'll have PM shortly about the BRM series next year.

          Thank you,