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  • First Damage

    Well, it had to happen. We had five of these beautiful (and not so inexpensive) cars on the Blue King track last night, and one of them made it to the concrete after what sounded like a spectacular wreck. The wing sheared off.

    Will replacements be available at any point?

    BTW, we're having a blast with these cars. They run like a well-prepared 1:32 car, and blow many 1:32's off the track.

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    Have Shoe Goo, will travel...

    When I assembled Blair M's for him, I realized the wing would likely be the weak point on such a heavy car. I was able to pull it out of the body without breaking any of the pins and lightly glued it in using Shoe Goo. It has fared pretty well so far. He did manage to lose one of the diveplanes though...


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      "Will replacements be available at any point?"

      wings are available now....and yesterday.
      i know 132slotcar has them...................any BRM retailer can get the wings


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        Cool, thanks Scott.

        It's not my car, but the guy who busted his will be very happy.


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          Since he races with you Kurt, you might want to advise him to get 2...


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            You know, that's really good advice and wha....heeeey!


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              Check out Scaleracing Site for complete list of Spares.

              White bodies and both types of wings are available.


              Most of the spares have now been released by BRM.

              There are still a few that will hopefully come in the next shipment from BRM.

              one of the wheel sets and he mirrors are not available yet.

              More news soon.

              Here is the price list link:
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              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                Excellent, thanks Alan.

                I'll get word out to the club guys.