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Are BRM going to make any Group C Jags ,Mercs etc?

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  • Are BRM going to make any Group C Jags ,Mercs etc?

    Are BRM going to make any Group C Jags ,Mercs etc in the future?

    Verne reel55

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    It is very possible however first we need to grow interest

    In the current line of cars.

    Tooling costs are a huge investment for a small company such as BRM, and they need to sell the cars tooled right now.

    If things grow for them I am sure they will look at other cars that ran around the time of the current 962C and next years IMSA Porsche cars.

    They are planning several other cars to add to their little line, but in North America at least we need to invent interest in 1/24 Scale Model Car Racing.

    This Hobby in any scale is small here in North America and 1/24 Scale Model Car Racing is the smallest of all scales sales wise.

    Germany is probably the biggest market for this Scale right now, but we hope to re invent the 1/24 Scale Market here.

    We will be promoting Regional Races for BRM with the intent of growing interest in this Scale and type of Racing.

    The final is already planned for Chicago in October 2008.

    We are looking for Regional Tracks to step up and Support BRM Racing and a plan is in place to create an International Final in Europe as well.

    This will all take time, and the more BRM cars sold the more likely that it can be successful.

    More News soon.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Hi North America!

      Alan has centered the matter!
      We are working very hard to develop new models, but...
      money is a big beast to beat

      I really hope that you will be good impressed for our next projects...

      Many greeting for BRM



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        Hey Francesco,

        I still haven't received my trophy for the Chicagoland win!!! Just kidding, I hope you had a good time at the show and racing into the night. I'm working with Grassroots Motorsports Magazine to have a 24 hours of Daytona in there tent running parallel to the real thing with all the Guests as drivers. Why don't you come and enjoy the First Annual 24 hours of Daytona with your new BRM's.

        Best Regards,
        Greg Walker
        The Race Place