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And then there were 13?

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  • And then there were 13?

    Here in the Sonoran Desert BRM seems to have caught on!
    I ordered one about a year ago and ordered three of the newer cars when I learned of Alan's National Series with hopes of being a part of helping to bring more 1/24th hardbody racing to the U.S. Since then Jim, one of our valley dwellers has ordered two and Shannon from Prescott up in the High Chaparral has gotten four also.

    That's 10.

    Last Wed. nite a guy named Chris called, he had seen our first club post here on SCI and came to our weekly race sporting a box full of hot 1/32 cars...and a BRM!


    Now Rick in Tucson and Steel Brian Gibbens are talking about Alan's offer of complete unpainted cars so they can do their own thing.


    Thirteen, $150.00 cars and our local raceway doesn't sell them, I wish they did but they weren't interested when I showed them my original MOMO car last summer.
    I'd like to sponsor one of Alan's regional races there next year on the nice big track but we'll see!

    As this thing grows and more models and liveries come out I'm sure that BRM will address many of the concerns we have seen posted. Things like guide flag issues, body mount screws and crown gear quality. As this improves I hope BRM will make the improvements "backward compatible" or applicable to the older cars so as to return the loyalty of the original buyers who are willing to engage this product and live by Alan's rules which promote the brand.

    Dave Deuble