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  • Pre-Production liveries

    In this older thread in the 1/24 forum
    there are pictures from pre-production ideas.
    Is there still a chance that they would come like this ?

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    The lightweight chassis was a prototype only.

    In production BRM chose to go with the solid chassis.

    Also no replaceable front bearings, the axle runs in the chassis.
    I do not expect to see them release this lighter chassis at this time, as in part it would obsolete the standard chassis, as the car would probably be a little faster.
    BRM have chosen wisely to try and keep the performance equal across the range of their current cars.
    To this end the Toyota which is in development right now is being detuned to perform with the Porsche, in first pre production versions it was faster than the Porsche, this again would tend to obsolete the current production.
    Racers being what they are if thee is a fast BRM sales would tend to gravitate towards that car, BRM plan to keep all this era cars equal to allow a full grid of different but similar performing cars to be raced.

    I applaud this forward thinking as it will build a bigger group of cars that can be raced together.

    The Hi Tail Porsche will be produced in many different liveries, as will the current 962C and the IMSA cars.

    The beauty of this series of cars is the variations create by the Porsche factory and private builders, there are many types of Porsche 956/962 to model.

    Just the Porsche line could keep BRM busy for a few years, but they also plan to release other cars from this era of racing, as well other cars as their market grows.

    Sadly 1/24 scale Model Car Racing is very small here in North America, I am trying to build this scale and type of racing as well as help BRM create a New Type of Model Car Racing, where the cars perform close to scale.

    For more on this get involved with the BRM Challenge.

    Coming soon to a Race Track near you.

    It's your Hobby to, Challenge a friend, we will all win in the end!
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      Thanks a lot Alan !
      I hope I get a chance to go to a Regional event close by.


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        BRM liveries

        Hi Volker,

        Alan has a white 962C IMSA kit under the "new products" section. Mine is going to end up as the #4 camel car from Le Mans. Alan also has a selection of 1/24 DMC decals to decorate the white cars. I know the rear scoop won't be correct, but these cars sure are fun to run.

        And they are tough as nails!!!



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          Thanks Lawrence !
          Yep, I was thinking about getting a white kit.
          But gonna have to put that to the back of the list.
          First will be a permanent track set up, then I'm gonna have time for custom builds... boy, I think it is almost 20 years since I last painted a model car... and they all looked crappy

          At least I got 2 more BRM on the way 29 parts is a puzzle that I can manage