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  • SpiritRacer Club & BRM Racing Series

    SpiritRacer club has just got A New Pyramid PS32LAB Adjustable 5Amp Power Supply. WE are you planning to run BRM regionals for the BRM challenge. A new track is in the works on a design that Teamwild draw up for us some time back. With the new power supply, Carrera magnetic track and the softer tires these cars should run great. We are going to look in to the interest of the BRM challenge in this Northeast

    And where is the Spiritracer Club located ? The club is in Merrimack NH. Plus we have all so had others offer their tracks for the challenge.

    WE plan to have a display set up at the North East Enduro Challenge 2008 in Nashua, NH. The date is July 26th and 27th. All six of the Porsche 956C cars will be there. Some setup for all to test drives, some for show, & others still in the box.

    two cars are now setup stock and testing on our older Carrera track. They look sweet

    First car, car #10 weights in at 186 grams with the mirrors,
    the second car , car #27 weights 181 grams without the mirrors.
    the magnetic down force using the magnet marshal
    Car #10 25 grams
    Car #27 82 grams

    My next step is to turn the magnet over in the #10 car and recheck it.

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    Turning the magnet over in the #10 car the down force is still 25 grams.

    Now to check, take the magnet out of the #27 car and put it in to the #10 car.

    Weight both chassis


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      Chassis for the #10 car weights in at 126 grams
      Chassis for the #27 car weights in at 123 grams


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        The magnet out of the #27 car is now in the #10 car and the magnetic down froce in the #10 car is 85 grams

        The magnet out of the #10 car is now in the #27 car and the down force is 24 grams

        This shows a difference in the magnets.

        now to check and see if anything is in the rules about this.


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          Measure the total downforce including the weight of the car.

          Max is 285 grams, if over turn the magnet over ( usually about 7 grams difference ) if still over fit new rear tires.

          To comply with the rules you can not shim the magnet if over 285 grams you must fit new rear tires, or try another magnet. I have not seen a car with more than 285 grams with good rear tires and the stock magnet, seen lots that were higher with ground down tires

          The reason for the downforce number it to keep racers from lowering the rear of the car for better handling than their competition. STOCK is how we race the BRM Cars in the BRM Challenge.

          No shimming, no filing, no gluing. No modifying of the cars at all. the only legal change is to fit Shore 15 tires ( dry no chemical treatments please ) on Carrera and Wood Tracks, NINCO needs the Shore 30's or you will be illegal before one heat ( worn out rear tires )

          Hope this helps.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            testing all the magnets we found that we had one bad one. All the others tested good.